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  1. Frank Eduardo's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Es una historia cómico-trágica sobre la vida de Silvia Prieto, una mujer despreocupada por la vida. Después de un mal matrimonio, la vida de Silvia toma un rumbo extraño y un tanto melancólico, capaz de hacer sentir nuevas cosas al telespectador.

  2. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

  3. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Still relatively young, out of money, and searching for a purpose. Even if you don’t grasp it at the moment, it’s a kind of happy situation. The circumstances are light and comical, not care-free really but the troubles don’t weigh too much. While looking for the true love to give meaning to your life, you can concentrate on stuff like giving up marihuana or calling another person with the same name as yourself.

  4. j's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Not as good as the description

  5. Jason's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    SILVIA PRIETO is an insanely fun, cosmopolitan, internationalist indie in dialogue w/ the cinema culture of its day. Hartley, Linklater, Jarmusch, Kaurismäki, Akerman. The mastery of colour palette perhaps evokes Carax. I suspect that the film must have been a major influence on Matías Piñeiro. Disaffection has traditionally had a certain chic, but it is also very reasonable. How you inhabit it constitutes yr style.

  6. Adan Cv's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    amo a martín rejtman LO AMO

  7. Anélia Zacarias's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Beautiful. Reminds me of Wanda (Barbara Loden) in the way identity is nearly absent in the main character. Honestly, it's so good i watched twice in a roll and got myselfie feeling bad for not going back in it again.

  8. Sebastián Thrillerlife's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Una película fresca. Distinta. De sabor joven.

  9. Alex Meire's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Middle class commedy (!) that holds well it's style à la Bresson (?) and doesn't fly much beyond. The resolving final part worsens the whole, unfortunately.

  10. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

  11. Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Another nice discovery and a real gem from Rejtman; a funny story of identity which is also very sad at the same time. It surprises me how easily and effortlessly Rejtman finds humorous moments in mundane, even tragic things.

  12. desiree's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    This is a magical movie and director because even though nothing happens the quality and truth of all the emotions portrayed, as well as and like like situations, make the film worth watching.

  13. Isla Scott's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    This is a pleasant watch, with some amusing moments. The plot is quirky but in a charming way. I felt the main character had a certain naivety, like Amelie (from the film of the same name). I like that she provides narration. I liked the bright colours on display via clothing and the areas scenes are shot in. It became a little bland/mundane half way through. Its somewhat contemplative and overall I enjoyed it.

  14. vic mac's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Nos muestra la sencillez de la vida cotidiana, con un tono de la imagen muy interesante, los contrastes de colores me agradaron bastante. Un humor muy sencillo que no cae en lo ridículo.

  15. aknhkns's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    I found it filled with humour, quirk & sly wit, Silvia Prieto's characters & storylines overlap into one another's into a junction of odd turns & destinations. I'd go as far to say it felt Pynchonesque at times with odd characters & absurd storylines.

  16. tubbssw's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    The screenplay rattles along with snappy dialogue and quirky humour.

  17. Nicole's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    I'm really digging these Rejtman films. More Jarmusch fans should be talking about this, this is brilliantly inspired it seems like. Also that line "come to my place and watch a movie some day" sounds like a 90's netflix and chill line. Phrases like "i must've dreamed the word not the image." same my guy. Overall, a ton of dialogue but never boring, characters like Silvia's should always be more celebrated.

  18. cleber eduardo's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    O humor é sempre tênue e, cenicamente, em forma de esquete. Baseia-se em situações do cotidiano de um jovem homem e de uma jovem mulher argentinos, com esporádica narração em primeira pessoa dela .Martin Rejtman parece mesclar as influências de Eric Rohmer, François Truffaut e Nani Moretti, acentuando a imaturidade e o patético de suas personagens, ao mesmo tempo com senso de afeto e de superioridade.

  19. Vinícius Mendes's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Os diretores argentinos parecem gostar de brincar com a proximidade e a distância que está dada a todo morador de uma grande cidade — como Buenos Aires. Nisso, Martín acerta. Gosto também do tom de “nada”, de vida cotidiana, de ordinário, que era a própria Argentina de 1999. Não fosse pelo roteiro, abstrato demais, seria um filme muito bom sobre uma época.

  20. Saurav Nag's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

  21. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    It is funny, it is surreal, it is watchable. But I just don't understand the aim - to creat a a quirky, dead-pan comedy? You succeeded

  22. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    I understand the intention is to demonstrate the absurdity of life but I can't keep myself thinking there is too little in this movie to even achieve that. I wish there was a little more intention in the way was directed and a little more direction in the story. Everything is way too anecdotal. I think the director's first movie (Rapado) is a better achievement.

  23. Juan Javier's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

  24. German's rating of the film Silvia Prieto

    Mucho acerca de nada. Escenas sin justificación ninguna, actuaciones malas... Una pérdida de tiempo.

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