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  1. Photo of Clare Beavan

    Clare Beavan Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Carl Hindmarch

    Carl Hindmarch Director

  3. Photo of David Belton

    David Belton Director

  4. Photo of Simon Schama

    Simon Schama Self, Producer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Allan Corduner

    Allan Corduner Self

  6. Photo of Mark Hyde

    Mark Hyde Self

  7. Photo of Paul Popplewell

    Paul Popplewell Self

  8. Photo of Andrew Garfield

    Andrew Garfield Self

  9. Photo of Simon Quarterman

    Simon Quarterman Self

  10. Photo of Joe Van Moyland

    Joe Van Moyland Self

  11. Photo of Valerio Aprea

    Valerio Aprea Self

  12. Photo of Christine Bottomley

    Christine Bottomley Self

  13. Photo of Hollygale Millette

    Hollygale Millette Self

  14. Photo of Marco Furiozzi

    Marco Furiozzi Self

  15. Photo of Jalaal Hartley

    Jalaal Hartley Self

  16. Photo of Melanie Pappenheim

    Melanie Pappenheim Self

  17. Photo of Massimiliano Davoli

    Massimiliano Davoli Self

  18. Photo of Sandra Evans

    Sandra Evans Self

  19. Photo of Adam Cole

    Adam Cole Self

  20. Photo of Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Self

  21. Photo of Alex Noodle

    Alex Noodle Self

  22. Photo of Ian Pearson

    Ian Pearson Self

  23. Photo of Anna Walton

    Anna Walton Self

  24. Photo of Dominic Colchester

    Dominic Colchester Self

  25. Photo of Meirko Ficca

    Meirko Ficca Self

  26. Photo of Andrea Gherpelli

    Andrea Gherpelli Self

  27. Photo of Mercedes Grower

    Mercedes Grower Self

  28. Photo of Elio Marconato

    Elio Marconato Self

  29. Photo of Laura Mercatali

    Laura Mercatali Self

  30. Photo of Guilia Mombrelli

    Guilia Mombrelli Self

  31. Photo of Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis Self

  32. Photo of Aubrey Wakeling

    Aubrey Wakeling Self

  33. Photo of Gary Clarke

    Gary Clarke Cinematography

  34. Photo of Neville Kidd

    Neville Kidd Cinematography

  35. Photo of Tim Cragg

    Tim Cragg Cinematography

  36. Photo of David Marsh

    David Marsh Cinematography

  37. Photo of Chris Openshaw

    Chris Openshaw Cinematography

  38. Photo of Niraj Chag

    Niraj Chag Music

  39. Photo of Andy Bush

    Andy Bush Music

  40. Photo of Dave Gale

    Dave Gale Music

  41. Photo of Daniel Giorgetti

    Daniel Giorgetti Music

  42. Photo of David Julyan

    David Julyan Music

  43. Photo of Astrid Sieben

    Astrid Sieben Production Design

  44. Photo of Hannah Spice

    Hannah Spice Production Design

  45. Photo of Basil Comely

    Basil Comely Producer

  46. Photo of Steve Condie

    Steve Condie Producer and Director

  47. Photo of James Runcie

    James Runcie Producer and Director

  48. Photo of Matt Platts-Mills

    Matt Platts-Mills Editing

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