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  1. Photo of Patrick Longchamps

    Patrick Longchamps Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bruno Dreossi

    Bruno Dreossi Producer

  3. Photo of Roland Perault

    Roland Perault Producer

  4. Photo of Georges Bataille

    Georges Bataille Screenplay

  5. Photo of Luigi Bernardini

    Luigi Bernardini Cinematography

  6. Photo of Michel Houssiau

    Michel Houssiau Cinematography

  7. Photo of Angelo Lannutti

    Angelo Lannutti Cinematography

  8. Photo of Laura Antonelli

    Laura Antonelli Cast

  9. Photo of Maurizio Degli Esposti

    Maurizio Degli Esposti Cast

  10. Photo of Margot Margaret

    Margot Margaret Cast

  11. Photo of Patrick Magee

    Patrick Magee Cast

  12. Photo of Jo Maxane

    Jo Maxane Cast

  13. Photo of Quentin Milo

    Quentin Milo Cast

  14. Photo of John Trigger

    John Trigger Cast

  15. Photo of Raf Vallone

    Raf Vallone Cast

  16. Photo of Marc Audier

    Marc Audier Cast

  17. Photo of Panos Papakyriakopoulos

    Panos Papakyriakopoulos Editing

  18. Photo of Pasquale Grossi

    Pasquale Grossi Production Design

  19. Photo of Fiorenzo Carpi

    Fiorenzo Carpi Music