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  1. Photo of Gustavo Pizzi

    Gustavo Pizzi Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Ivanilda Santos Lima

    Ivanilda Santos Lima Self

  3. Photo of Roberto Amaral

    Roberto Amaral Self

  4. Photo of Constantino de Franco

    Constantino de Franco Self

  5. Photo of Lan

    Lan Self

  6. Photo of Lobão

    Lobão Self

  7. Photo of Juca Ribeiro

    Juca Ribeiro Self

  8. Photo of Alvaro de Souza Cruz

    Alvaro de Souza Cruz Self

  9. Photo of Gilson

    Gilson Self

  10. Photo of Roque

    Roque Self

  11. Photo of Marcos Souza

    Marcos Souza Self

  12. Photo of Paulo Castiglioni

    Paulo Castiglioni Cinematography

  13. Photo of Lucas Vasconcellos

    Lucas Vasconcellos Music

  14. Photo of Cavi Borges

    Cavi Borges Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Roberta Sauerbronn

    Roberta Sauerbronn Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Karine Teles

    Karine Teles Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Pedro Burckauser

    Pedro Burckauser Sound

  18. Photo of Uirá Costa

    Uirá Costa Sound

  19. Photo of Pedro Moreira

    Pedro Moreira Sound

  20. Photo of Altyr Pereira

    Altyr Pereira Sound

  21. Photo of Eduardo Pop

    Eduardo Pop Sound

  22. Photo of Marcito Vianna

    Marcito Vianna Sound