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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Sinbad

    A few superb scenes, a few superb women, a few superb landscapes. Recommended.

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Sinbad

    A sensuous, sumptuous feast of marrow-bone and marjoram, Eros and poetry, and the beauty of life.

  3. F.Bieberkopf's rating of the film Sinbad

    Brilliant. Bluntly put, a central European equivalent of confessional perversion much in the vein of Fellini's 'City of Women' or Truffaut's 'The man who loved women'.

  4. Ashley Shen Y J's rating of the film Sinbad

  5. James Devereaux's rating of the film Sinbad

    Absolutely mind blowing imagery, I just couldn't take it all in at times. Remarkable.

  6. The Shadows and Silence's rating of the film Sinbad

    An erotic dream of a dying man, desperately struggling to find meaning and purpose in a sensous and decadent life. Absolutely stunning photography, poetic writing and strong sense of the transcendental as the film progresses, this is an extremely underrated discovery, worth any true cineaste's time. Can't wait to explore the rest of Huszárik's work.

  7. Ally Best's rating of the film Sinbad

    Gets better with every viewing. Masterpiece.

  8. ecstatic truth's rating of the film Sinbad

    Visually stunning and inventive, but found it pretty empty, there was no investment in him as a character or any of his liasons

  9. Espen Nomedal's rating of the film Sinbad

    Few films unveil the beauty and decay behind being alive as Szindbád. As a dandy gentleman contemplates countless conquests of women in his life, a deep longing strikes him like an arrow through the heart. A life of hedonism has a price to pay. All kinds of earthly delights are sensuously shot through macro-lenses to the point of abstraction. No matter how seductive this film is, Huszárik's humanism never deceives.

  10. redunbeck's rating of the film Sinbad

    An absolutely ravishing film which brings to life the idea that your whole life flashes before your eyes right before you die. In this case, it's the life of a Don Juan-type, who recalls the many sensuous and erotic encounters of his life, while other memories fleetingly dance by (some for only a couple of frames) into the ether as the mind fades away. A dazzling, lyrical film which I will surely revisit many times.

  11. Erik Villasenor's rating of the film Sinbad

    elegantly composed and passionate, but lagged a bit at the beginning. Great stuff.