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Ratings & Reviews

  1. D van Meel's rating of the film Sing Your Song

  2. Nadia Marolda's rating of the film Sing Your Song

    wow! A must see. A real lesson to never give up on the fight for a better humanity. As cheesy it might sound. Inspiring man and well done documentary.

  3. lavielamort's rating of the film Sing Your Song

    without hope there is no strength, no direction, no movement, no survival. An endless struggle and battle with a cause, another cause, one more cause! Failure is not an option - an exemplary documentary of human force for change.

  4. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Sing Your Song

    I found it an arresting documentary of a dedicated man who doesn't give up to tamper with deficits in the political and social contexts of our live. It's simple technical manner corresponds to the successive narration of biographical events, but there are also some intriguing montage sequences.

  5. mpho3's rating of the film Sing Your Song

    My mother was a huge fan of Belafonte, but I never knew much about him beyond "The Banana Boat" song. Watching this made me wish she were alive so that we could talk about the influence he had on her life. I had no idea how politicized he was. Quite a fascinating life and journey, a soul who really cares about other souls.