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  1. Photo of Manole Marcus

    Manole Marcus Director

  2. Photo of Titus Popovici

    Titus Popovici Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ilarion Ciobanu

    Ilarion Ciobanu Cast

  4. Photo of Mariana Mihuţ

    Mariana Mihuţ Cast

  5. Photo of Klára Sebök

    Klára Sebök Cast

  6. Photo of Victor Rebengiuc

    Victor Rebengiuc Cast

  7. Photo of Mircea Albulescu

    Mircea Albulescu Cast

  8. Photo of Mircea Diaconu

    Mircea Diaconu Cast

  9. Photo of Silviu Stanculescu

    Silviu Stanculescu Cast

  10. Photo of Octavian Cotescu

    Octavian Cotescu Cast

  11. Photo of Lazar Vrabie

    Lazar Vrabie Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Chira

    Maria Chira Cast

  13. Photo of Aurel Giurumia

    Aurel Giurumia Cast

  14. Photo of Nicolae Praida

    Nicolae Praida Cast

  15. Photo of Marieta Luca

    Marieta Luca Cast

  16. Photo of Zephi Alsec

    Zephi Alsec Cast

  17. Photo of Cornel Ciupercescu

    Cornel Ciupercescu Cast

  18. Photo of Adina Popescu

    Adina Popescu Cast

  19. Photo of Corneliu Revent

    Corneliu Revent Cast

  20. Photo of George Mihaita

    George Mihaita Cast

  21. Photo of Hans Pomarius

    Hans Pomarius Cast

  22. Photo of Colea Niculescu

    Colea Niculescu Cast

  23. Photo of Dumitru Chesa

    Dumitru Chesa Cast

  24. Photo of Nicu Stan

    Nicu Stan Cinematography

  25. Photo of George Grigoriu

    George Grigoriu Music

  26. Photo of Nicolae Crisan

    Nicolae Crisan Producer

  27. Photo of Lucia Anton

    Lucia Anton Editing