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  1. Photo of Alexander Hall

    Alexander Hall Director

  2. Photo of Mildred Cram

    Mildred Cram Screenplay

  3. Photo of Samuel Hoffenstein

    Samuel Hoffenstein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vincent Lawrence

    Vincent Lawrence Screenplay

  5. Photo of Waldemar Young

    Waldemar Young Screenplay

  6. Photo of Carole Lombard

    Carole Lombard Cast

  7. Photo of Chester Morris

    Chester Morris Cast

  8. Photo of Adrienne Ames

    Adrienne Ames Cast

  9. Photo of Alison Skipworth

    Alison Skipworth Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Byron

    Walter Byron Cast

  11. Photo of Reginald Barlow

    Reginald Barlow Cast

  12. Photo of Zita Moulton

    Zita Moulton Cast

  13. Photo of Cary Grant

    Cary Grant Cast

  14. Photo of Luke Cosgrave

    Luke Cosgrave Cast

  15. Photo of Ida Lewis

    Ida Lewis Cast

  16. Photo of Russ Clark

    Russ Clark Cast

  17. Photo of Frances Moffett

    Frances Moffett Cast

  18. Photo of Pierre de Ramey

    Pierre de Ramey Cast

  19. Photo of Veda Buckland

    Veda Buckland Cast

  20. Photo of Rita La Roy

    Rita La Roy Cast

  21. Photo of Maude Turner Gordon

    Maude Turner Gordon Cast

  22. Photo of Anderson Lawler

    Anderson Lawler Cast

  23. Photo of Ray June

    Ray June Cinematography

  24. Photo of Rudolph G. Kopp

    Rudolph G. Kopp Music

  25. Photo of John Leipold

    John Leipold Music

  26. Photo of Travis Banton

    Travis Banton Costume Design