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  1. Photo of Jim Wynorski

    Jim Wynorski Director

  2. Photo of Zoran Hochstätter

    Zoran Hochstätter Cinematography

  3. Photo of Nina Gilberti

    Nina Gilberti Editing

  4. Photo of Aaron Osborne

    Aaron Osborne Production Design

  5. Photo of Chuck Cirino

    Chuck Cirino Music

  6. Photo of Gail Harris

    Gail Harris Cast

  7. Photo of Delia Sheppard

    Delia Sheppard Cast

  8. Photo of Jay Richardson

    Jay Richardson Cast

  9. Photo of Tanya Roberts

    Tanya Roberts Cast

  10. Photo of Carrie Stevens

    Carrie Stevens Cast

  11. Photo of Nick Cassavetes

    Nick Cassavetes Cast

  12. Photo of Jan-Michael Vincent

    Jan-Michael Vincent Cast

  13. Photo of Becky LeBeau

    Becky LeBeau Cast

  14. Photo of Monique Parent

    Monique Parent Cast

  15. Photo of Roberta Vasquez

    Roberta Vasquez Cast

  16. Photo of Ace Mask

    Ace Mask Cast