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Ratings & Reviews

  1. francisca bacon's rating of the film Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

    "As a child, Hubert was unusual. In his adolescence, during the summer, in a northerly direction parallel to the earth's axis, he would throw himself naked onto the lawn - and with that loathsome bluey roman clock-face tattooed about his private parts - think about Jean Harlow Very hard and from the shadow cast, tell the time with remarkable accuracy." What took so wrongly long to watch this cranky horse luffta fête?

  2. Movieyana's rating of the film Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

    Surreal entertainment at its most frivolous and at times ribald. An excellent fair of the ridiculous. A subtle dream-like escapade into incoherency, yet absolutely enjoyable for the combination of its subtlety and its roughness. Truly should not be missed. An overlooked gem!