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  1. Photo of Christoph Böll

    Christoph Böll Director

  2. Photo of Christoph Böll

    Christoph Böll Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wieland Samolak

    Wieland Samolak Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ralph Ströhle

    Ralph Ströhle Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vanessa Wagner

    Vanessa Wagner Cast

  6. Photo of Nils Tavernier

    Nils Tavernier Cast

  7. Photo of Sonja Kirchberger

    Sonja Kirchberger Cast

  8. Photo of Kristina Walter

    Kristina Walter Cast

  9. Photo of Bernadette Lafont

    Bernadette Lafont Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Poiret

    Jean Poiret Cast

  11. Photo of Cleo Kretschmer

    Cleo Kretschmer Cast

  12. Photo of Wichard von Roell

    Wichard von Roell Cast

  13. Photo of Hans Irle

    Hans Irle Cast

  14. Photo of Konstantin Graudus

    Konstantin Graudus Cast

  15. Photo of Josef Ostendorf

    Josef Ostendorf Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Gavajda

    Peter Gavajda Cast

  17. Photo of Nikolaus Schilling

    Nikolaus Schilling Cast

  18. Photo of Joachim Regelien

    Joachim Regelien Cast

  19. Photo of Jean-Serge Breton

    Jean-Serge Breton Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Uwe Franke

    Uwe Franke Producer

  21. Photo of Uwe Franke

    Uwe Franke Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Werner Possardt

    Werner Possardt Producer

  23. Photo of Reinhard Köcher

    Reinhard Köcher Cinematography

  24. Photo of Helga Borsche

    Helga Borsche Editing

  25. Photo of Monika Schuchard

    Monika Schuchard Editing

  26. Photo of Christian Bussmann

    Christian Bussmann Production Design