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  1. Photo of Ernst Marischka

    Ernst Marischka Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Romy Schneider

    Romy Schneider Cast

  3. Photo of Karlheinz Böhm

    Karlheinz Böhm Cast

  4. Photo of Magda Schneider

    Magda Schneider Cast

  5. Photo of Gustav Knuth

    Gustav Knuth Cast

  6. Photo of Vilma Degischer

    Vilma Degischer Cast

  7. Photo of Walter Reyer

    Walter Reyer Cast

  8. Photo of Senta Wengraf

    Senta Wengraf Cast

  9. Photo of Josef Meinrad

    Josef Meinrad Cast

  10. Photo of Iván Petrovich

    Iván Petrovich Cast

  11. Photo of Helene Lauterböck

    Helene Lauterböck Cast

  12. Photo of Erich Nikowitz

    Erich Nikowitz Cast

  13. Photo of Bruno Mondi

    Bruno Mondi Cinematography

  14. Photo of Anton Profes

    Anton Profes Music

  15. Photo of Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff

    Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff Production Design

  16. Photo of Karl Ehrlich

    Karl Ehrlich Producer

  17. Photo of Alfred Srp

    Alfred Srp Editing