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  1. HALLENSLEBEN's rating of the film Sissi

  2. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Sissi

    Not disgraceful. Romy Schneider has great charm and the movie, which is more a pageant than a narrative, does have some quaint appeal. The storybook settings are lush. The actors acquit themselves with dignity and a sense of fun.The same can be said for the second movie. I have not seen the third yet.

  3. Inez Cmyk's rating of the film Sissi

    5 stars for the whole trilogy. I cannot help myself. I grew up watching this every christmas... Its like warm chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream: too sweet but just too comforting. This definitely is as subjective as a review can get. Romy as Sissi. A role she hated her whole life, but made me fall in love with this great actress.

  4. Elayla's rating of the film Sissi

    A fine film, one I used to like as a child. Can't help but notice some flaws, but nothing as serious as to overcloud the charm of a ridiculously simple pleasure.