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  1. Photo of Mike De Leon

    Mike De Leon Director

  2. Photo of Lily Y. Monteverde

    Lily Y. Monteverde Producer

  3. Photo of Jose F. Lacaba

    Jose F. Lacaba Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jose Almojuela

    Jose Almojuela Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rody Lacap

    Rody Lacap Cinematography

  6. Photo of Vilma Santos

    Vilma Santos Cast

  7. Photo of Jay Ilagan

    Jay Ilagan Cast

  8. Photo of Gina Alajar

    Gina Alajar Cast

  9. Photo of Laurice Guillen

    Laurice Guillen Cast

  10. Photo of Tony Santos

    Tony Santos Cast

  11. Photo of Anita Linda

    Anita Linda Cast

  12. Photo of Liza Lorena

    Liza Lorena Cast

  13. Photo of J. Eddie Infante

    J. Eddie Infante Cast

  14. Photo of Ruben Rustia

    Ruben Rustia Cast

  15. Photo of Adul de Leon

    Adul de Leon Cast

  16. Photo of Rody Vera

    Rody Vera Cast

  17. Photo of Malu de Guzman

    Malu de Guzman Cast

  18. Photo of Crispin Medina

    Crispin Medina Cast

  19. Photo of Jess Navarro

    Jess Navarro Editing

  20. Photo of César Hernando

    César Hernando Production Design

  21. Photo of Ding Achacoso

    Ding Achacoso Music

  22. Photo of Ramon Reyes

    Ramon Reyes Sound