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  1. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Sisters

    Rewatch. Better than I remembered it. Jennifer Salt looks like my mom. Also kind of loved how the stakes were so low (I guess you could say this about all of BDP's films) in that the characters were all a bunch of losers living in St. George. De Palma hates cops.

  2. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Sisters

    A noticeable presage to the silky sleaze of Dressed to Kill & Body Double albeit blocked in unsubtle American International types. Despite, or because of, the sub-Hitchcockian moments - including a playfully unbuttoned Hermann score - this is an amusing riff on ways of seeing and voyeurism, if not medical fidelity. Tawdry fun.

  3. Log Lady's rating of the film Sisters

    3.5 stars. A stylish homage to Hitchcock with several themes and pieces pulled straight from his movies, and a bit of Repulsion thrown in, yet Sisters is very distinctively owned by De Palma. Doesn't feel like his first foray to the world of thrillers, and with some other director the weak pedestrian script would have been more prominent.

  4. Renton47's rating of the film Sisters

    As his first venture into pure homage, it never transcends its influences even if it goes further. We recognise the template but the undertones are decidedly more explicit. What makes it work aside from BDP's formal skills, is the kind of real-time sleuthing, a narrative perspective that shifts with the act of witnessing. More thrillers should be contained, amorphic, open to a narrative inventiveness.

  5. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Sisters

    This is probably one of the better De Palma’s I’ve seen. I’m starting to appreciate what he’s doing more now. It feels less like a rip-off and more like a continuation of Hitchcock into the 70s. It may be pulling a lot, but it’s probably no worse than what Tarantino does. He’s just a more talented filmmaker overall.

  6. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film Sisters

    Sarebbe un 2,5. In ogni caso lo consiglio molto

  7. Ethan's rating of the film Sisters

    This is a nice little thriller with the usual Hitchcockian overtones mixed with the De Palma's undeniable style.

  8. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Sisters

    3.5 // great & terrifying. perde um pouquinho a mão no meio, though. e um certo hitchcock excess. go lighter brian, go lighter

  9. FISCHER's rating of the film Sisters

    Nombreuses et souvent lourdes références au maître, Alfred Hitchcock, mais aussi cinéma d'esbroufe et de leurre, cette oeuvre peut laisser indifférent ou pantois...

  10. Balthaz21's rating of the film Sisters

  11. James Mackin's rating of the film Sisters

    Oh shit. The clean-up scene is a masterclass in both tension, and comedy. Goddamn.

  12. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film Sisters

    This decade is particularly good in these kinda of production, between horror, sci-fi and a certain new approach to psychoanalysis. Like Cronenberg ("The Brood", "Rabid") or Carpenter ("Someone's Watching Me!") de Palma did this incredible film where many of is future elements are already created. It's show too is deep devotion to Hitchcock ("Rear Window" or "Vertigo").

  13. wiwitaek's rating of the film Sisters

    So Daniella and Dominique is one person? I thought I see Grace Collier in video flash played by Emil. I am confused.

  14. A-N-T-O-I-N-E's rating of the film Sisters

  15. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Sisters

    6.8/10, my review:

  16. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Sisters

    2,5 Watched it too long ago to make full sense of, but more vividly than before was I aware over the last few weeks of grinning stars' impatient rat-a-tat-tat on earth's domed windowpanes and Gemini's (j)ocular ring-a-rosy, when at the hospital I work at 4 pairs of twins and one set of triplet girls landed in a row. I was about to see The Triplets of Belleville to celebrate the coincidence, but then this flick turned

  17. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Sisters

    Annoying characters, comically bad acting, and an uninteresting screenplay. Some cool editing techniques like the black and white and split screen. The entire middle third of the movie is terrible. The private eye and the journalist are the least likeable characters I've ever seen. Soundtrack is hit and miss. Creepy at times. Distractingly campy at others. Started and ended well but that middle.... so bad.

  18. aaa093's rating of the film Sisters

    "There was no body because there was no murder!!!"

  19. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Sisters

    The irony De Palma plays with here so effortlessly seems virtually impossible to pull off in genre horror now.

  20. El Biffo's rating of the film Sisters

    I'm trying to develop an appreciation for DePalma, really I am. I like a couple of his films, even tho they're pretty cheezy. But this is a 70's slasher film with bloody butcher's knives. And the Bernard Hermann "crazy music" is quite cheezy, too. An extra star for a creative ending tho.

  21. pirri's rating of the film Sisters

  22. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film Sisters

    ****1/2 ...and might I add, I find the description's mention of "female destructiveness" highly dubious. There's something of an allegorical take here on DePalma's obsessions (media, voyeurism, and most especially and overarchingly, the Vietnam nightmare) up to this point, and the responsibility for "destructiveness" here lies ultimately at the feet of the unquestioned and unaccountable institutions being parodied.

  23. Te Pe's rating of the film Sisters

    3½ star. Margot Kidder at her best. Creepy

  24. Martin Wilson's rating of the film Sisters

    Threadbare and stark as most suspense films should be. Shows up the lushness of later films as something of a hindrance. I first 'saw' this film broken down into shot sequences in a film magazine. When key moments such as the stabbing neared, I knew exactly what I was going to 'see.' I was totally prepared. But, actually I wasn't. Not for the full force effect, that announced the arrival of BRIAN DE PALMA.

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