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  1. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Sitcom

    taking cue from the "exterminating angel" genre of films, somewhere between "teorema" (which i haven't seen) and "visitor Q" (which i can't unsee) this one skews closer to the freudian taboo blasphemy of Miike than Bunuel or others have done....would watch it again, but not a favorite...

  2. Loz Loory's rating of the film Sitcom

    Sit-coms are similar to lab rat experiments--a group of people in a confined area are put into various situations. Sit-coms also rarely have lasting change occur, so they can broadcast indefinitely. Here we've got a sit-com where Father Doesn't Know Best and all the taboos of the patriarchy manage to be dismantled in 77 minutes. Maybe in the hands of Almodovar, the surreal tone could have worked. Here it doesn't.

  3. Diderot's rating of the film Sitcom

    The movie's funniest line: "If you don't want me to die, at least let me suffer!"

  4. Zach Kipple's rating of the film Sitcom

    This movie takes the idea of Murphy's Law and narrows down to a average French Family. Throughout "Sitcom" a family pet affects each member differently. Through these new interactions you learn so much about the that persons self and how the others around them are affected. The characters take turns on who is going through more change after their rat encounter. The ending threw me off and is worth a rewatch for me.

  5. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Sitcom

    Oh, sure. Blame it on the rat. The rat is just a catalyst for that which lies deep within. Time to get funky.

  6. I.Camera's rating of the film Sitcom

    Every filmmaker has to start somewhere, and for Francois Ozon it was Bunuel via John Waters. An amusing film about a bourgeois family turned into polymorphously perverse psychopaths under the baleful red eyes of their pet mouse. Not sure how (or why) a solitary rodent would have this effect on middle class lives, but I enjoyed the premise and the doll's house set in which the depravity take place.

  7. TristanDC's rating of the film Sitcom

    This is a film that has no siblings. It is extreme, sexual, provocative, and complex. I highly recommend watching this film as it will not be found on any non-specialized film venue. In many ways Ozon has pushed past Noe here and entered a place too strong for the mainstream.

  8. Carambotti's rating of the film Sitcom

  9. Aaken's rating of the film Sitcom

    As often and perhaps more obviously (and joyously) in his earlier films, Ozon plays with a particular genre - in this case, French sitcom, twists it and perverts it with references, this time Pasolini's 'Teorema'. Camp and over the top.

  10. FISCHER's rating of the film Sitcom

    Passage décevant au long métrage pour un réalisateur dont on appréciait beaucoup certains de ses courts (et qui par la suite, saura tout de même prouver qu'il sait filmer) .....

  11. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Sitcom

  12. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Sitcom

  13. Didier Pigeon-Perreault's rating of the film Sitcom

  14. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Sitcom

    Another funny one. Really liking this director - he has a sense of humor. Obscure characters put in situations far-fetched into reality never fail to crack me up.

  15. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Sitcom

    Eh. It's okay....... silly. Not too sure what Ozon was going for here.

  16. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Sitcom

    first of all, 4 stars from me just becasue of the name, Ozon. the film is "quite good" although still very harsh for now, in the year 2015. so classic, the "abnormal" dies and everybody else remain "happy". good start-up but not the best of ozon of course -on the other hand, for mubi turkey, one of the worst screen as ad, one of the worst abstract for the film-

  17. MustafaOnur's rating of the film Sitcom

  18. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Sitcom

    I don't get the Solondz comparisons; this film is not so flat and joyless. Reminds me more of Mike Leigh in the 80's when he was really trying to throw British Culture in a blender.

  19. El Biffo's rating of the film Sitcom

    Dreadful. I can't believe I used to like Ozon. I feel bad having wasted 80 minutes of my life on this merde. His last film, "In The House", was pretty bad, too. If he's trying to be Solondz, or Bunuel, or whatever,..this just doesn't cut it. Cheap perversions with shallow characters are not enough to make for a successful dark comedy. I'm done with this film maker.

  20. dave gunn's rating of the film Sitcom

    This film was really fun to watch. It was like France's own version of "Happiness", and showed me that François Ozon can do comedy.

  21. marlonbrandodepressed's rating of the film Sitcom

  22. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film Sitcom

    Watch Visitor Q instead of this.

  23. dalena's rating of the film Sitcom

  24. Frankly, Mr. Shankly's rating of the film Sitcom

    If Pasolini's Teorema was a bizarre black comedy. Not as funny as it supposed to be, though. Maybe Ozon just tried too hard.

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