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  1. Superfrog's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Due to a veiwing platform bug, this started playing alongside a very loud rendition of Irish Folk, the Chieftains, IIRC. Added to the film pleasure quite a lot. Having found out about the issue halfway through, the quiet background of the film also worked, bit it just wasn't the same.

  2. Ella Dawson-Gorton's rating of the film Six Shooter

    A good short. A little hard-wearing at times when the point or expected 'event' of the film is nowhere to be seen, but the brilliant actors see us through , as we keep moving forwards on our traintracks, clack by rickety clack.

  3. Étrange's rating of the film Six Shooter

    The focus on characters and the presence of a twisted mindset help a short film that is too predictable as where it is going, failing to surprise with any of the dark humor punchlines that it tries out. A short film that gives a perfect notion of what "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" also is, an overcrowded and mood shifting film where great actors bail out the director.

  4. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Six Shooter

    The dark humour and surreal elements of McDonagh's later work are already very evident in this short, but not even Brendan Gleeson's natural subtlety and compassionate presence can raise the material above its basic two-dimensional qualities: pyrotechnically impressive but lacking in depth.

  5. Ilya Zverev's rating of the film Six Shooter

    At first this looks like a typical Irish short: some blood, straight speaking, dark humor. A day later, I remembered this short as an excercise on compassion. The main character has a range of people with fates similar to his, but the one person he empatized with, is a totally different man. This movie is about how little it takes to empatize. The ending — expectation vs reality — is great.

  6. Camila Pardo Cerezo's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Muy buen cortometraje; no deja dudas sin resolver. Me gusta como presenta a los personajes y cómo éstos se van desarrollando en la historia.

  7. Adam S. Hacker's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Not a fan of the resolution, but laughed most of the way through. Act 1 into 2 gets a bit repetitive, too. Clever short.

  8. Nick Potter's rating of the film Six Shooter

    This might genuinely be my favorite Martin McDonagh film, which was unexpected.

  9. Kwemo's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Fun short film with some pacing issues. Definitely enjoyable but not much more than that.

  10. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Six Shooter

    It's not sick or twisted humor, that would have some anthropological interest. It's not black humor, nor ink-black, not cynical, all of which require a moral stance in relation to the world. It is not sincere; we would feel the sympathy or empathy. This is a different cynicism than the synopsis proposes: it is merely an attempt to gain attention. It is a sad thing it was made, even sadder that MUBI promotes it.

  11. Crina Cătălina Bucur's rating of the film Six Shooter

    (3.5) Damn, I hate Irish accents, so annoying.

  12. DrFirestone's rating of the film Six Shooter

    This really is the epitome of a black comedy. The humour is sharp, cunning, and of course dark as hell. I guess for some this film might just cross the line into the territory of obscene, so be warned - it is definitely not for everyone. But if you appreciate daring and (brutally) honest cinema, you will not regret - top performances, interesting characters, and the 27-minute running time all work just perfect!

  13. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Six Shooter

    The best cure for a deep sadness is to hang out with a psychopath for a while.

  14. Kinshuk's rating of the film Six Shooter

    I enjoyed the fact that grief and melancholy being the primary-emotion driver in a film need make it any slow or any less thrilling. Martin McDonagh achieves subtle switches in the many darker shades of human emotion without getting preachy or melodramatic - and that by itself is admirable. Watch it if you will!

  15. EdieEmm's rating of the film Six Shooter

    So, weird experience, I didn't realize this was a short till it abruptly ended. And immediately I got why I'd spent the last 20 minutes wondering where he could possibly be *going* with this ;) In a perfect world I'd rewatch it now, knowing it was a short. But, it's not really the sort of film you rewatch. Directorially, it's still a little immature/surfacey. Has something, just not yet enough... Still, cute. 2.75

  16. David R Williams's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Fuck me but I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. This was a comedy right? Am I a bad person?

  17. Kelsey Ramirez's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Short yet interesting to say the least. a lot of humor by coincidence. The play of having all characters on the train with a common first location of the day is what sparked the thought for me. Connections aren't made until the end eve though the answer is clearly set within the first 30 seconds. Would recommend for snarky people who kind if like a tale to figure out beore said.

  18. Subhanil Subhanil's rating of the film Six Shooter

  19. Jack_Daedalus's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Grimly funny, and an actual joy to watch.

  20. evill009's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Hidden gem. brutally humorous and smart

  21. msmichel's rating of the film Six Shooter

    You think you're being really impressive and then the cow blows up. Early short from Martin McDonagh is an impressive sneak of the feature work to come and resulted in an academy award for best live action short that year.

  22. mpho3's rating of the film Six Shooter

  23. PEZ's rating of the film Six Shooter

    filosofía corta vestida de negro. espectacular juego de personajes interpretados de manera maestral.

  24. Jose Miguel's rating of the film Six Shooter

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