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  1. Elise's rating of the film Six Shooter

    This film has definitely got to be a unique one in the comedy realm. There is a death in nearly every scene and they are very graphic! The directors must have had some dark humor going on when they wrote this one. Although, I was nearly falling off my seat as the movie went on so I definitely liked it! The way the movie was filmed, up close, makes the entire film more personal and easy to follow. Full rating from me!

  2. david's rating of the film Six Shooter

    parfait équilibre entre cynisme extrême et humour soooo irish (j'ose pas dire british). Le rapport à la mort est affronté sans réciproque. J'ai adoré.

  3. Al Green's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Twisted, dark and very Irish in humour.... and Brendan Gleeson is good in everything I've seen him in.

  4. tinderness's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Ein trockener Kommentar zur Absurdidät des Lebens? Großartige schauspielerische Leistungen in einer Schwarzen Komödie aus Irland.

  5. Zanna Walsh's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Oh jesus, what a fucking film!..Wonderful, so many funny lines in 27 minutes, comedy writers take note. Dark, moving, superbly acted, an utter gem..So glad to have seen it.

  6. easypz's rating of the film Six Shooter

    I reject McDonagh's distant and shallow ouevre. It's fast and exciting, and also dead and deadening. I've read his plays, seen his movies. The prose is impressive but the imagination -- the poetry -- is empty. Dazzling style in service of cynical posturing. Not wit, but polished sniggering. Stars for technical competence, none for substance.

  7. bryanvmh's rating of the film Six Shooter

  8. Jarek Tokarski's rating of the film Six Shooter

  9. Andrew Babarczy's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Dark and witty - a pleasant surprise.

  10. Joseph McFarland's rating of the film Six Shooter

    This brilliantly weird film follows Donnelly through the worst day of his life. The sharp contrast between Donnelly and the lad he meets on the train make for interesting dialogue and interaction. Throughout the film, multiple seemingly insignificant details come together for a twisted climax and anti-climatic ending.

  11. James Mackin's rating of the film Six Shooter

  12. jeanniemac's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Black humour doesn't come blacker, or better acted or funnier .. or harder to watch. Great dialogue and Irish humour (Dublin, the city that never sweeps) the young lad is hilarious, and Gleeson is at his best. But like the other McDonagh's Calvary, there is depth and humanity. A brilliant short.

  13. G. Thomas Esmay's rating of the film Six Shooter

    7.5/10. A little rough arounds the edges, but SIX SHOOTER is classic McDonagh--black as pitch yet somehow funny, too. Brendan Gleeson is characteristically terrific and the animal body count is rather high for a short.

  14. keithinhull's rating of the film Six Shooter

    You can tell this is the guy who made In Bruges this is a wonderful little film violent surrealist and funny

  15. Lee Donowitz's rating of the film Six Shooter

    I liked this but even as a short it feels more like a series of sketches tacked together, with zero time for plot development. Have always been a fan of Brendan Gleeson but the young kid on the train really gave me the shits, which was probably the intention.

  16. Dylan R.'s rating of the film Six Shooter

    The only way to survive this macabre pitch black journey is to laugh uncomfortably along the way. Definitely not one for everyone. On a different note, has anyone else noticed McDonagh’s penchant for including numbers in his titles, though? Six Shooter. Seven Psychopaths. 3 Billboards. Ok, you got me with In Bruges. But three out of four ain’t bad.

  17. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Six Shooter

    McDonagh is so damn good. Full of darker-than-antimatter-black humor, "Six Shooter" pulls no punches in embracing a fully nihilistic agenda. And as dark as it is, it's funny as all hell. At times, you actually feel bad for laughing so loud. And that ending. Holy shit. So brutal. The best. I can't count the number of times I've seen this film, but I assure you that it's not enough.

  18. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Six Shooter

    I don't buy McDonagh. He tries too hard to be cynic and cool. In Bruges was too pretentious, Seven Psychopaths was a complete train wreck and this one tries too desperatly to be absurd. I'm hoping Three Billboards will be a little more mature.

  19. Erik F.'s rating of the film Six Shooter

    So bleak and absurd you just can't keep from laughing. I think Samuel Beckett would've approved.

  20. zensurfer's rating of the film Six Shooter

    Spoiler alert! Not funny, some snarky kid making worse than tactless comments isn't even dark humour, especially when he pushes a woman whose baby died the night before to suicide and then jokes about it.

  21. alcecabron1957's rating of the film Six Shooter

  22. muh.'s rating of the film Six Shooter

  23. Tom Hemingway's rating of the film Six Shooter

    McDonagh's first film is a sharp cocktail of biting humour and immense sadness with dashes of surrealism. He introduces intriguing, if not entirely likeable characters, which now populate his cinematic world, most recently in 'Three Billboards'. That film seems to be conveying a deeper, more thoughtful message, but this 27 minute short arguably gets its point across with as much clarity and conviction.

  24. anais_ananda's rating of the film Six Shooter

    So much death balanced by equally dark dialogue merging to crate a magnificent work of dark comedy. Last line is like a cherry on top. What a short!

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