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  1. Photo of Maurice Cloche

    Maurice Cloche Director

  2. Photo of Roger Vitrac

    Roger Vitrac Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfred Gehri

    Alfred Gehri Play

  4. Photo of Janine Darcey

    Janine Darcey Cast

  5. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Larquey

    Pierre Larquey Cast

  7. Photo of Florelle

    Florelle Cast

  8. Photo of Julien Carette

    Julien Carette Cast

  9. Photo of Alice Tissot

    Alice Tissot Cast

  10. Photo of Germaine Sablon

    Germaine Sablon Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Daurand

    Jean Daurand Cast

  12. Photo of Madeleine Suffel

    Madeleine Suffel Cast

  13. Photo of Henri Crémieux

    Henri Crémieux Cast

  14. Photo of André Numès Fils

    André Numès Fils Cast

  15. Photo of Louis Mafer

    Louis Mafer Cast

  16. Photo of Franck Maurice

    Franck Maurice Cast

  17. Photo of Nina Sinclair

    Nina Sinclair Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Hubert

    Roger Hubert Cinematography

  19. Photo of Georges van Parys

    Georges van Parys Music

  20. Photo of Kyra Bijou

    Kyra Bijou Editing

  21. Photo of Borys Lewin

    Borys Lewin Editing

  22. Photo of Paul Duvergé

    Paul Duvergé Sound

  23. Photo of Émile Lagarde

    Émile Lagarde Sound

  24. Photo of Jean Bijon

    Jean Bijon Art Department