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Picture of Konrad Szlendak

Konrad Szlendak


I hardly watched it till the end. I really don't know how it became a sort of a cult movie as it's much worse than "The Trip" or "President's Analyst" and flat out boring even with these psychedelic musings.




what a truly bizarre cast; jackie gleason, groucho marx, frankie avalon, mickey rooney, slim pickens, burgess meridith - all dropping acid or smoking 'pumpkin.' not just a bad movie, or bad trip its a fucking nightmare!

Picture of chanandre



Preminger on acid. Hilarious and weird.

Picture of Cole Caudle

Cole Caudle


One of the great examples of old Hollywood's ill-fated attempt to depict the Counter culture.

Picture of Roscoe



Really indefensibly bad, but with some glimmers of delirious so-bad-its-good fun.

Picture of Jaspar Lamar Crabb

Jaspar Lamar Crabb


Otto Preminger's outre film is a must-see. A former gangster (Jackie Gleason) is forced to return to the Mob by his old boss "GOD" (Groucho Marx) and break into jail to silence a potential government witness. There's a horrifying striptease done by Carol Channing for the pleasure of mafia under-boss Frankie Avalon. Groucho, who appears to be reading cue cards, smokes some pot. One of the seminal bad films

Picture of Christopher R. Smith

Christopher R. Smith


One of the more bizarre later efforts from director Otto Preminger attempts to meld old-fashioned pratfalls with hippie counter-culture - the result is, as expected, fairly disastrous. It's certainly memorable, sporting a scene where Jackie Gleason drops acid and Groucho Marx brought back from the dead. But the characters are irritating cartoons trying desperately to wring out a laugh from this cringe-inducing mess.