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  1. Photo of Fernando Vendrell

    Fernando Vendrell Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Carla Baptista

    Carla Baptista Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henrique Galvão

    Henrique Galvão Screenplay

  4. Photo of Catarina Fortes

    Catarina Fortes Executive Producer and Producer

  5. Photo of Hipnótica

    Hipnótica Music

  6. Photo of Mario Masini

    Mario Masini Cinematography

  7. Photo of Pedro Filipe Marques

    Pedro Filipe Marques Editing

  8. Photo of José Nascimento

    José Nascimento Editing

  9. Photo of Rosa Freitas

    Rosa Freitas Production Design

  10. Photo of José Barahona

    José Barahona Sound

  11. Photo of Daniela Costa

    Daniela Costa Cast

  12. Photo of Francisco Nascimento

    Francisco Nascimento Cast

  13. Photo of Manuel Wiborg

    Manuel Wiborg Cast

  14. Photo of Fernanda Lapa

    Fernanda Lapa Cast

  15. Photo of Filipe Ferrer

    Filipe Ferrer Cast

  16. Photo of Núria Madruga

    Núria Madruga Cast

  17. Photo of Carla Bolito

    Carla Bolito Cast

  18. Photo of António Pedro Cerdeira

    António Pedro Cerdeira Cast

  19. Photo of Paulo Filipe

    Paulo Filipe Cast

  20. Photo of Cláudia Oliveira

    Cláudia Oliveira Cast

  21. Photo of Maria Emília Correia

    Maria Emília Correia Cast

  22. Photo of Teresa Madruga

    Teresa Madruga Cast

  23. Photo of Ana Lopes

    Ana Lopes Cast

  24. Photo of Tobias Monteiro

    Tobias Monteiro Cast

  25. Photo of Adriana Queiroz

    Adriana Queiroz Cast