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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Lucas Davies's rating of the film Skin Trade

    A stock action movie that should have better action sequences, but falls flat even in that department.

  2. el.'s rating of the film Skin Trade

    2/5, to be frank. high 5, dolph, for tackling this issue on film and of dear god, ron perlman speaking serbian...had a laugh.

  3. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Skin Trade

    The indoor fighting scene is exciting. But to me, this is still a waste of time.

  4. HKFanatic's rating of the film Skin Trade

    Direct-to-video action cinema no longer carries the stigma it once did during the Blockbuster era, thanks in part to movies like "Universal Soldier: Regeneration" and "Ninja II" delivering jaw-dropping fight choreography on a low budget. This team-up between Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa doesn't necessarily reach those same lofty heights, but it's an appreciably old school throwback to the pre-CG era of action cinema.