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  1. Photo of Ayelet Menahemi

    Ayelet Menahemi Director

  2. Photo of Yehuda Barkan

    Yehuda Barkan Cast

  3. Photo of Ben Tzion

    Ben Tzion Cast

  4. Photo of Irit Sheleg

    Irit Sheleg Cast

  5. Photo of Geula Nuni

    Geula Nuni Cast

  6. Photo of Chelli Goldenberg

    Chelli Goldenberg Cast

  7. Photo of Uri Shamir

    Uri Shamir Cast

  8. Photo of Zare Vartanian

    Zare Vartanian Cast

  9. Photo of Leni Ravitz

    Leni Ravitz Cast

  10. Photo of Rolf Brin

    Rolf Brin Cast

  11. Photo of Avraham Pelta

    Avraham Pelta Cast