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  1. Photo of Tom Hulce

    Tom Hulce Cast

  2. Photo of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Cast

  3. Photo of Virginia Madsen

    Virginia Madsen Cast

  4. Photo of Harry Dean Stanton

    Harry Dean Stanton Cast

  5. Photo of Adam Ant

    Adam Ant Cast

  6. Photo of Millie Perkins

    Millie Perkins Cast

  7. Photo of Herta Ware

    Herta Ware Cast

  8. Photo of John Doe

    John Doe Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Beltran

    Robert Beltran Cast

  10. Photo of Judith Barsi

    Judith Barsi Cast

  11. Photo of Wayne Wang

    Wayne Wang Director

  12. Photo of Don Keith Opper

    Don Keith Opper Screenplay and Cast

  13. Photo of Rosalind Chao

    Rosalind Chao Cast

  14. Photo of John Slade

    John Slade Cast

  15. Photo of Lin Shaye

    Lin Shaye Cast

  16. Photo of Philip Granger

    Philip Granger Cast

  17. Photo of Cary Brokaw

    Cary Brokaw Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Rupert Harvey

    Rupert Harvey Producer

  19. Photo of Barry Opper

    Barry Opper Producer

  20. Photo of Chris Blackwell

    Chris Blackwell Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Mitchell Froom

    Mitchell Froom Music

  22. Photo of Amir Mokri

    Amir Mokri Cinematography

  23. Photo of Sandy Nervig

    Sandy Nervig Editing

  24. Photo of Lee Percy

    Lee Percy Editing

  25. Photo of Eugenio Zanetti

    Eugenio Zanetti Production Design