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  1. Photo of Pál Sugár

    Pál Sugár Director

  2. Photo of Géza Steinhardt

    Géza Steinhardt Producer

  3. Photo of Lajos Lázár

    Lajos Lázár Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Reisch

    Walter Reisch Screenplay

  5. Photo of József Bécsi

    József Bécsi Cinematography

  6. Photo of A.O. Weitzenberg

    A.O. Weitzenberg Cinematography

  7. Photo of Hans Adalbert Schlettow

    Hans Adalbert Schlettow Cast

  8. Photo of Lissy Arna

    Lissy Arna Cast

  9. Photo of Charlotte Susa

    Charlotte Susa Cast

  10. Photo of El' Dura

    El' Dura Cast

  11. Photo of Ida Turay

    Ida Turay Cast

  12. Photo of Mariska H. Balla

    Mariska H. Balla Cast

  13. Photo of Olga Kerekgyarto

    Olga Kerekgyarto Cast

  14. Photo of Szidi Rákos

    Szidi Rákos Cast

  15. Photo of István Szirontai Lhotka

    István Szirontai Lhotka Production Design