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  1. Photo of Tay Garnett

    Tay Garnett Director

  2. Photo of Lamar Trotti

    Lamar Trotti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gladys Lehman

    Gladys Lehman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sam Hellman

    Sam Hellman Screenplay

  5. Photo of William Faulkner

    William Faulkner Screenplay

  6. Photo of George S. King

    George S. King Screenplay

  7. Photo of Warner Baxter

    Warner Baxter Cast

  8. Photo of Wallace Beery

    Wallace Beery Cast

  9. Photo of Elizabeth Allan

    Elizabeth Allan Cast

  10. Photo of Mickey Rooney

    Mickey Rooney Cast

  11. Photo of George Sanders

    George Sanders Cast

  12. Photo of Jane Darwell

    Jane Darwell Cast

  13. Photo of Joseph Schildkraut

    Joseph Schildkraut Cast

  14. Photo of Miles Mander

    Miles Mander Cast

  15. Photo of Arthur Hohl

    Arthur Hohl Cast

  16. Photo of Douglas Scott

    Douglas Scott Cast

  17. Photo of Minna Gombell

    Minna Gombell Cast

  18. Photo of Billy Bevan

    Billy Bevan Cast

  19. Photo of Francis Ford

    Francis Ford Cast

  20. Photo of Jane Jones

    Jane Jones Cast

  21. Photo of J. Farrell MacDonald

    J. Farrell MacDonald Cast

  22. Photo of J.P. McGowan

    J.P. McGowan Cast

  23. Photo of DeWitt Jennings

    DeWitt Jennings Cast

  24. Photo of Paul Hurst

    Paul Hurst Cast

  25. Photo of Dorothy Christy

    Dorothy Christy Cast

  26. Photo of Charles Middleton

    Charles Middleton Cast

  27. Photo of Dewey Robinson

    Dewey Robinson Cast

  28. Photo of Lon Chaney Jr.

    Lon Chaney Jr. Cast

  29. Photo of Darryl F. Zanuck

    Darryl F. Zanuck Producer

  30. Photo of Nunnally Johnson

    Nunnally Johnson Producer

  31. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  32. Photo of Ernest Palmer

    Ernest Palmer Cinematography

  33. Photo of Lloyd Nosler

    Lloyd Nosler Editing

  34. Photo of Hans Peters

    Hans Peters Production Design