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  1. Photo of Erik Richter Strand

    Erik Richter Strand Director

  2. Photo of Lars Skorpen

    Lars Skorpen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gunnar Staalesen

    Gunnar Staalesen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Guttorm Petterson

    Guttorm Petterson Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Rasmus Ramstad

    Rasmus Ramstad Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Jonas Allen

    Jonas Allen Producer

  7. Photo of Peter Bose

    Peter Bose Producer

  8. Photo of Simen Gengenbach

    Simen Gengenbach Editing

  9. Photo of Johan-Fredrik Bødtker

    Johan-Fredrik Bødtker Cinematography

  10. Photo of Roger Rosenberg

    Roger Rosenberg Production Design

  11. Photo of Ginge Anvik

    Ginge Anvik Music

  12. Photo of Trond Espen Seim

    Trond Espen Seim Cast

  13. Photo of Julie Rusti

    Julie Rusti Cast

  14. Photo of Kathrine Fagerland

    Kathrine Fagerland Cast

  15. Photo of Bjørn Floberg

    Bjørn Floberg Cast

  16. Photo of Endre Hellestveit

    Endre Hellestveit Cast

  17. Photo of Bjørn Willberg Andersen

    Bjørn Willberg Andersen Cast

  18. Photo of Marianne Nielsen

    Marianne Nielsen Cast

  19. Photo of Frank Kjosås

    Frank Kjosås Cast

  20. Photo of Ågot Sendstad

    Ågot Sendstad Cast

  21. Photo of Stig R. Amdam

    Stig R. Amdam Cast