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Ratings & Reviews

  1. tyb's rating of the film Sleeping Dogs Lie

    While certainly no masterpiece, this comedy deals with the subject of acceptance of a partner's sexual history quite well. It doesn't rely on cliches and manages to fit some genuine emotion as well, especially in the second half.

  2. Sean's rating of the film Sleeping Dogs Lie

    I rather enjoyed this one, I found the acting to be pretty great, sometimes moving in some scenes, at times very dark with the humour. Nice look into relationships and what happens to them after a big secret is revealed, interesting subject matter here., to say the least. Bobcat does a nice job of writing and directing, very impressed with this flick.

  3. Duncan Jones's rating of the film Sleeping Dogs Lie

    It's certainly acerbic but to categorise this as black comedy or genre satire does it a disservice. Bolstered by a minuscule budget that largely confines it to credible domestic spaces, the film, and the performances, have a dramatic and formal seriousness unthinkable given its subject. There's an earnestness in its pragmatist subversion of moral truism unknown in most comedies, be they 'mainstream' or 'irreverent'.

  4. Jason Callen's rating of the film Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Better than you'd expect a movie about a women who once blew her dog to be.