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  1. Photo of Marcel Gisler

    Marcel Gisler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rudolf Nadler

    Rudolf Nadler Cast and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anne Knaak

    Anne Knaak Cast

  4. Photo of Cordula Stepanek

    Cordula Stepanek Cast

  5. Photo of Andreas Herder

    Andreas Herder Cast

  6. Photo of Matthias Tiefenbach

    Matthias Tiefenbach Cast

  7. Photo of Christoph Krix

    Christoph Krix Cast

  8. Photo of Dina Leipzig

    Dina Leipzig Cast

  9. Photo of Cyrille Rey-Coquais

    Cyrille Rey-Coquais Cast

  10. Photo of Lutz Deisinger

    Lutz Deisinger Cast

  11. Photo of Anton Rattinger

    Anton Rattinger Cast

  12. Photo of Dominik Bender

    Dominik Bender Cast

  13. Photo of Janette Rauch

    Janette Rauch Cast

  14. Photo of Panterah Countess

    Panterah Countess Cast

  15. Photo of Etsuko Okasaki

    Etsuko Okasaki Cast

  16. Photo of Etsuko Sakamaki

    Etsuko Sakamaki Cast

  17. Photo of Evi Brandolini

    Evi Brandolini Cast

  18. Photo of Cornelia Schleime

    Cornelia Schleime Cast

  19. Photo of Oliver Schwarz

    Oliver Schwarz Cast

  20. Photo of Klaus Hüttmann

    Klaus Hüttmann Cast

  21. Photo of Kizis Vassilis

    Kizis Vassilis Cast

  22. Photo of Jannis Pamoudakis

    Jannis Pamoudakis Cast

  23. Photo of Hermoine Zittlau

    Hermoine Zittlau Cast

  24. Photo of Bertrand Jacobsen

    Bertrand Jacobsen Cast

  25. Photo of Margitta Haberland

    Margitta Haberland Cast

  26. Photo of Wieland Speck

    Wieland Speck Cast

  27. Photo of Felix Schnieder-Henninger

    Felix Schnieder-Henninger Cast

  28. Photo of Patrick Lindenmaier

    Patrick Lindenmaier Cinematography

  29. Photo of Catherine Steghens

    Catherine Steghens Editing