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  1. Photo of Jonas Mekas

    Jonas Mekas Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Benn Northover

    Benn Northover Self and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Marina Abramović

    Marina Abramović Self

  4. Photo of Harmony Korine

    Harmony Korine Self

  5. Photo of Sebastian Mekas

    Sebastian Mekas Self

  6. Photo of Dalius Naujo

    Dalius Naujo Self

  7. Photo of Carolee Schneemann

    Carolee Schneemann Self

  8. Photo of Ken Jacobs

    Ken Jacobs Self

  9. Photo of Florence Jacobs

    Florence Jacobs Self

  10. Photo of Louise Bourgeois

    Louise Bourgeois Self

  11. Photo of Yoko Ono

    Yoko Ono Self

  12. Photo of Phong Bui

    Phong Bui Self

  13. Photo of Raimund Abraham

    Raimund Abraham Self

  14. Photo of Nathalie Provosty

    Nathalie Provosty Self

  15. Photo of Rachel Korine

    Rachel Korine Self

  16. Photo of Lefty Korine

    Lefty Korine Self

  17. Photo of Jean-Jacques Lebel

    Jean-Jacques Lebel Self

  18. Photo of Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Hans Ulrich Obrist Self

  19. Photo of Pip Chadorov

    Pip Chadorov Self

  20. Photo of DoDo Jin Ming

    DoDo Jin Ming Self

  21. Photo of Hopi Lebel

    Hopi Lebel Self

  22. Photo of Kris Kucinskas

    Kris Kucinskas Self

  23. Photo of Thomas Boujut

    Thomas Boujut Self and Cinematography

  24. Photo of Audrius Naujokaitis

    Audrius Naujokaitis Self

  25. Photo of Jonas Lozoraitis

    Jonas Lozoraitis Self and Cinematography

  26. Photo of Lee Stringer

    Lee Stringer Self

  27. Photo of Patti Smith

    Patti Smith Self

  28. Photo of Diane Lewis

    Diane Lewis Self

  29. Photo of Simon Bryant

    Simon Bryant Self

  30. Photo of Adolfas Mekas

    Adolfas Mekas Self

  31. Photo of Oona Mekas

    Oona Mekas Self

  32. Photo of Björk

    Björk Self

  33. Photo of Louis Garrel

    Louis Garrel Cinematography and Self

  34. Photo of Elle Burchill

    Elle Burchill Editing