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  1. Photo of Tim Burton

    Tim Burton Director

  2. Photo of Scott Rudin

    Scott Rudin Producer

  3. Photo of Adam Schroeder

    Adam Schroeder Producer

  4. Photo of Andrew Kevin Walker

    Andrew Kevin Walker Screenplay

  5. Photo of Emmanuel Lubezki

    Emmanuel Lubezki Cinematography

  6. Photo of Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp Cast

  7. Photo of Christina Ricci

    Christina Ricci Cast

  8. Photo of Miranda Richardson

    Miranda Richardson Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Gambon

    Michael Gambon Cast

  10. Photo of Christopher Walken

    Christopher Walken Cast

  11. Photo of Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones Cast

  12. Photo of Chris Lebenzon

    Chris Lebenzon Editing

  13. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  14. Photo of Colleen Atwood

    Colleen Atwood Costume Design

  15. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  16. Photo of Steven Waddington

    Steven Waddington Cast

  17. Photo of Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Cast

  18. Photo of Washington Irving

    Washington Irving Screenplay

  19. Photo of Kevin Yagher

    Kevin Yagher Screenplay

  20. Photo of Casper Van Dien

    Casper Van Dien Cast

  21. Photo of Richard Griffiths

    Richard Griffiths Cast

  22. Photo of Ian McDiarmid

    Ian McDiarmid Cast

  23. Photo of Michael Gough

    Michael Gough Cast

  24. Photo of Marc Pickering

    Marc Pickering Cast

  25. Photo of Claire Skinner

    Claire Skinner Cast

  26. Photo of Alun Armstrong

    Alun Armstrong Cast

  27. Photo of Mark Spalding

    Mark Spalding Cast

  28. Photo of Jessica Oyelowo

    Jessica Oyelowo Cast

  29. Photo of Tony Maudsley

    Tony Maudsley Cast

  30. Photo of Peter Guinness

    Peter Guinness Cast

  31. Photo of Nicholas Hewetson

    Nicholas Hewetson Cast

  32. Photo of Orlando Seale

    Orlando Seale Cast

  33. Photo of Sean Stephens

    Sean Stephens Cast

  34. Photo of Martin Landau

    Martin Landau Cast

  35. Photo of Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Larry J. Franco

    Larry J. Franco Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Rick Heinrichs

    Rick Heinrichs Production Design

  38. Photo of Joel Negron

    Joel Negron Editing