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  1. Arthur Freitas's rating of the film Slow West

    It's charming and honest. Of course, it's not one of the Greatest Westerns, for sure, and didn't bring anything new to the conversation. But it's sincerity towards its characters is so moving, so unique to the post-LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE era. I liked this film very much.

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Slow West

    'Slow West' is a bad name for this movie. It's like reducing expectations. It's a small movie with some great performances. The only thing that bothered me was Fassbender's performance. His was a modern attitude towards life. He was too relaxed, and he didn't seem lonely, despite Smit-McPhee saying that he was. This was Fassbender as a movie star instead of an actor.

  3. Erica Narduzzi's rating of the film Slow West

    Un film un po' strano. Non mi ha suscitato grandi emozioni e alcune ci sono state alcune scene ridicole, che si potevano evitare (la reazione quasi inesistente del ragazzo quando gli si conficca una freccia nella mano, ad esempio). Non è stato un debutto completamente da buttare per il regista John Maclean, ma non credo che questo film rimarrà impresso nella memoria dei fan del genere western.

  4. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Slow West

  5. MistaRichard's rating of the film Slow West

    This is a solid directorial debut, although it does struggle a bit with pacing; as a matter of fact, I don't know if I could've sat through the entire thing (or even watched it in the first place) if it hadn't been for Fassbender.

  6. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Slow West

    Looks good. Here's the thing, I really do not like fassbenders accent. Why couldn't he just have been a fellow scot, would have made more sense that he grew an affection for the love lorn guy. Anyways pretty film but not a great ok western

  7. edpwilson's rating of the film Slow West

    "He loved you with all his heart." "...His heart was in the wrong place."

  8. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Slow West

    Storia coinvolgente che mostra la crudeltà dilagante durante il periodo del vecchio West, mostrato privo di moralità. Sviluppo narrativo interessante, per via delle differenze d'intenti dei due protagonisti. Il ritmo a volte è un po' troppo lento. La regia racconta bene la vicenda, senza stupire, ma dandole un taglio interessante. Alcune inquadrature pregevoli. Buone musiche. Personaggi interessanti e sfaccettati

  9. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Slow West

    My kind of Western. Fassbender and Mandleson are always great to watch and there is a wonderful dark humour which runs through the narrative. Stunning cinematography too.

  10. Nathan Krauss's rating of the film Slow West

    Fitting with the title, it's a slow burn- maybe not wholly original in its depiction of outlaws in the wild west, but the film does offer a sensitive and thoughtful story that probably won't lead you quite where you expect. Definitely left me with some thoughts buzzing around my head as the credits began to roll.

  11. Diderot's rating of the film Slow West

    Ends with a real "of all the gin joints..." moment. Also, Michael Fassbender is the most beautiful outlaw probably ever, maintaining a carefully considered and much-appreciated level of stubble.

  12. Adam Cross's rating of the film Slow West

  13. Chris's rating of the film Slow West

    9/10 - I enjoyed this a lot more than I was expecting to, and not just because the cinematography and Michael Fassbender were nice to look at. The ending really makes this one

  14.'s rating of the film Slow West

    Slow West ist wohl einer der unfreiwillig komischsten Western, die ich seit langer Zeit gesehen habe! Von vorn bis hinten ist die Geschichte voller bekloppter Erfindungen und Absurditäten. Regisseur John Maclean ist schottischer Musiker und das erklärt die vielen Merkwürdigkeiten des Films... mehr auf

  15. Dave's rating of the film Slow West

    Reminded me very much of a modern day Budd Boetticher type film - see shades of Seven Men From Now and the other succinct, tight westerns that he made. At time funny, jarring, trippy, funny. And also some outstanding cinematography displaying a beautifully desolate and hard western landscape. Very good.

  16. Denis Strelchuk's rating of the film Slow West

  17. illibelulle's rating of the film Slow West

  18. sark's rating of the film Slow West

    Great genre bending Western in the vein of Johnny Guitar. Exquisite cinematography with great acting as well! Watched on Amazon Prime*

  19. Eingya's rating of the film Slow West

    A surreal and melancholic road movie that can at the same time be quite funny in places. Maclean uses the locations at their best, by depicting a non-american-looking far west, made of oneiric and eerily isolated environments. Excellent directorial debut for a British director to keep an eye on.

  20. Benji's rating of the film Slow West

  21. RENO NISMARA.'s rating of the film Slow West

    ben mendelsohn, you suave cowboy.

  22.'s rating of the film Slow West

    best western movie of the year for me!

  23. Blumes's rating of the film Slow West

    "His name was Jay. Her name was Rose."

  24. Ayinde Anderson's rating of the film Slow West

    Overall I found the film to be subpar. I love Robbie Ryan's work, and the shootout scene at the end, but aside from that nothing else felt too special. In this genre of filmmaking, it's a grave challenge to reinvent the wheel. 3.5

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