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  1. Photo of Crystal Bernard

    Crystal Bernard Cast

  2. Photo of Kimberly McArthur

    Kimberly McArthur Cast

  3. Photo of Juliette Cummins

    Juliette Cummins Cast

  4. Photo of Patrick Lowe

    Patrick Lowe Cast

  5. Photo of Heidi Kozak

    Heidi Kozak Cast

  6. Photo of Joel Hoffman

    Joel Hoffman Cast

  7. Photo of Scott Westmoreland

    Scott Westmoreland Cast

  8. Photo of Jennifer Rhodes

    Jennifer Rhodes Cast

  9. Photo of Cindy Eilbacher

    Cindy Eilbacher Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Delano

    Michael Delano Cast

  11. Photo of Hamilton Mitchell

    Hamilton Mitchell Cast

  12. Photo of Atanas Ilitch

    Atanas Ilitch Cast

  13. Photo of Don Daniel

    Don Daniel Cast and Producer

  14. Photo of Thomas L. Callaway

    Thomas L. Callaway Cinematography

  15. Photo of Richard Cox

    Richard Cox Music

  16. Photo of John Eng

    John Eng Production Design

  17. Photo of Deborah Brock

    Deborah Brock Producer, Screenplay Director

  18. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  19. Photo of William Flicker

    William Flicker Editing

  20. Photo of Audrey Evans

    Audrey Evans Editing

  21. Photo of John Voss Bonds Jr.

    John Voss Bonds Jr. Sound

  22. Photo of Dennis Fuller

    Dennis Fuller Sound

  23. Photo of Chris Rabideau

    Chris Rabideau Sound

  24. Photo of Cindy Rabideau

    Cindy Rabideau Sound

  25. Photo of Andrew Schatz

    Andrew Schatz Sound

  26. Photo of David Waelder

    David Waelder Sound

  27. Photo of Brian E. Wedewer

    Brian E. Wedewer Sound

  28. Photo of David John West

    David John West Sound

  29. Photo of Bill Corso

    Bill Corso Special Effects

  30. Photo of Scott Coulter

    Scott Coulter Special Effects

  31. Photo of John Criswell

    John Criswell Special Effects

  32. Photo of Jeffrey S. Farley

    Jeffrey S. Farley Special Effects

  33. Photo of Jim McPherson

    Jim McPherson Special Effects

  34. Photo of Hal Miles

    Hal Miles Special Effects

  35. Photo of Margaret Prentice

    Margaret Prentice Special Effects