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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Justin Senkbile's rating of the film Smart Money

    This was so weird and great. Robinson is this gregarious Greek barber/gambler who gets burned a couple times, then finds success and evolves into an arrogant monster. But that's all no big deal - what ends up doing him in is the fact that he's still capable of compassion/love. Pessimistic on a molecular level. Cagney KILLS in a relatively tiny role - man of a thousand baffling/wonderful gestures.

  2. Adam Suraf's rating of the film Smart Money

    Edward G. Robinson has one of his best early roles as Nick the Barber, a small town gambler who makes it big in the city, but a soft spot for blondes clouds his better judgement. James Cagney is around as Robinson's brother and prevailing right hand man, the only time the Warner Brother's stars ever appeared together. A great gambling movie, with some terrific Robinson one-liners.