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  1. Photo of Till Endemann

    Till Endemann Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thorsten Flassnöcker

    Thorsten Flassnöcker Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Elke Ried

    Elke Ried Producer

  4. Photo of Enis Rotthoff

    Enis Rotthoff Music

  5. Photo of Felix Cramer

    Felix Cramer Cinematography

  6. Photo of Rebecca Khanide

    Rebecca Khanide Editing

  7. Photo of Stefan Schönberg

    Stefan Schönberg Production Design

  8. Photo of Patrick Grögler

    Patrick Grögler Sound

  9. Photo of Jacob Matschenz

    Jacob Matschenz Cast

  10. Photo of Alice Dwyer

    Alice Dwyer Cast

  11. Photo of Adrian Topol

    Adrian Topol Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Kurth

    Peter Kurth Cast

  13. Photo of Victoria Mayer

    Victoria Mayer Cast

  14. Photo of Benjamin Felix Meyer

    Benjamin Felix Meyer Cast

  15. Photo of Jessica Richter

    Jessica Richter Cast

  16. Photo of Bo Hansen

    Bo Hansen Cast

  17. Photo of Tom Jahn

    Tom Jahn Cast

  18. Photo of Fritz Roth

    Fritz Roth Cast

  19. Photo of Gernot Endemann

    Gernot Endemann Cast

  20. Photo of Yanina Lisovskaya

    Yanina Lisovskaya Cast

  21. Photo of Annette Wurbs

    Annette Wurbs Cast

  22. Photo of Frank Voß

    Frank Voß Cast