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  1. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Smoke

    Gradevole, ma tocca contare più di qualche pecca. Mi piange il cuore nel vedere una regia così semplice e di buon gusto alla testa di una sceneggiatura inconcludente, che apre il sipario su una cinquina di storie tutto sommato interessante, ma mai chiusa decorosamente. Un cast stellare ed un occhio registico piacevole non bastano a tappare i buchi lasciati dalle tante sottotrame aperte e mai definitivamente richiuse.

  2. David R Williams's rating of the film Smoke

    Great cast. A predictable and clichéd story.

  3. Nick Potter's rating of the film Smoke

    Terrific ensemble cast facing a difficult challenge: How to develop a real character when screen time is split between so many different people? I'm not sure if I've seen this accomplished better than in this film.

  4. Ray Kril's rating of the film Smoke

  5. caitlin.f's rating of the film Smoke

    the ending didn't really wrap the story up neatly with a bow, which bothered me a little.

  6. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Smoke

    True gem is right. How did this slip through my cracks? Such a good watch with real characters. Thank you, Mubi.

  7. Crina Cătălina Bucur's rating of the film Smoke

  8. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Smoke

    What a lovely film. I had wanted to see it when first released - taken years to catch it. Great ensemble cast. Encapsulates such humanity. Literate, literary and literal, it feels more like a stage play at times - no harm in that.

  9. Kaonashiii's rating of the film Smoke

    I really like this film. Many cigars are smoked. Forest Whitaker especially is excellent.

  10. Mal Smith's rating of the film Smoke

    Good acting and pleasant story telling. But film should give you more than that; it should astonish you and take you to "another place". More Herzog please!

  11. raggiodisole's rating of the film Smoke

  12. Superfrog's rating of the film Smoke

    A rather pleasant experience all in all, with little twists and a casually meandering story.

  13. Neil troost's rating of the film Smoke

    think of how many movies are a time capsule for a neighborhood

  14. T.h. Marvelsteins's rating of the film Smoke

    I can't believe how bad this film is considering. It really creaked and in parts became unintentionally funny and then just plain boring. I even found myself staring at Hurt and thinking "nice leather jacket. I wonder where I could get a jacket like that" and "doesn't he look a bit like Ryan Gosling" and then I realised the film was finishing but - oh right- it doesn't.. it does the last scene again in mime.

  15. David Maiden's rating of the film Smoke

    Some great monologues and characters

  16. Ilari Mäkelä's rating of the film Smoke

    What you would expect from Auster, in the right way.

  17. Joshua Jones's rating of the film Smoke

    This film as some interesting aspects that you won't find in most cinema past or present. While it delivers on the simplicity of setting like a Straight Play would most of the characters are anything but one dimensional. Harvey's presence carries a lot of the film with his personal story being reflected in the shop and through the experiences of the other characters.

  18. ijustgetbored's rating of the film Smoke

    Auster's New York, or Faulkner's South? Storytelling, fathers and sons, meandering tone. All that works. What doesn't work is that these tropes are extended beyond what the film can manage. There's a Great White Father, it's not even on the Bechdel test radar, and it features a blind "mammy." The small stories and wry moments are sacrificed to navel-gazing-- and the gaze is very, very familiar.

  19. 'king Harold's rating of the film Smoke

    Saw this at the soon-to-be bull-dozered Curzon Soho. Straight after I was taken by a beautiful lady to my first and last visit to the Groucho Club, oddly, Harvey Keitel sat at an adjacent table. He was also with a beautiful woman and she kept looking over his shoulder to see who else was walking in, I will always remember the 'methody' shrug he gave her and now I realise I was doing the same thing she was.

  20. DanB3000's rating of the film Smoke

    A moving film that deserves 5* for the ending sequence alone. Keitel is always worth watching.

  21. andrew's rating of the film Smoke

    Loved this. It felt like the film equivalent of a novel - which makes sense given the scriptwriter.

  22. Steve G.'s rating of the film Smoke

    Beautifully segmented comedy drama with some excellent performances and a whole range of interesting characters. It's not exactly massively substantial but it has charm to spare.

  23. nickolia's rating of the film Smoke

    Real people, real stories, real acting. Beautiful.

  24. selinda's rating of the film Smoke

    A glimpse at a corner of NYC by way of characters chance-encountering one another &helping each other out. As if they get it that they're all connected - which they turn out to be by way of the film's story (+ much real talk by Paul Auster "If it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. You never know what's going to happen next, and when you think you do - that's the moment you don't know a god damn thing")

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