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  1. Photo of Jan Lüthje

    Jan Lüthje Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rudolf Schweiger

    Rudolf Schweiger Screenplay, Director

  3. Photo of Claudia Gladziejewski

    Claudia Gladziejewski Producer

  4. Photo of Michael Röhrig

    Michael Röhrig Producer

  5. Photo of Hubert von Spreti

    Hubert von Spreti Producer

  6. Photo of Robert Papst

    Robert Papst Music

  7. Photo of Hugo Siegmeth

    Hugo Siegmeth Music

  8. Photo of Gerald Schank

    Gerald Schank Cinematography

  9. Photo of Norbert Herzner

    Norbert Herzner Editing

  10. Photo of Michael Köning

    Michael Köning Production Design

  11. Photo of Adrian Topol

    Adrian Topol Cast

  12. Photo of Max Riemelt

    Max Riemelt Cast

  13. Photo of Susanne Bormann

    Susanne Bormann Cast

  14. Photo of Damir Dzumhur

    Damir Dzumhur Cast

  15. Photo of Anatole Taubman

    Anatole Taubman Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Bongartz

    Peter Bongartz Cast

  17. Photo of Cornelia Köndgen

    Cornelia Köndgen Cast

  18. Photo of Bo Hansen

    Bo Hansen Cast

  19. Photo of Maximilian von Pufendorf

    Maximilian von Pufendorf Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Kessler

    Frank Kessler Cast

  21. Photo of Daniel Zillmann

    Daniel Zillmann Cast

  22. Photo of Konstantin Prochorowski

    Konstantin Prochorowski Cast

  23. Photo of Thomas Fränzel

    Thomas Fränzel Cast

  24. Photo of Miraj Grbic

    Miraj Grbic Cast