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  1. Kamran's rating of the film Snow

    Meditative and fragmentary, like the memory or dream being relived. Snow as physical and metaphorical obstruction of experience and re-experience. 80/100 - Great.

  2. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Snow

  3. Brian Gutierrez's rating of the film Snow

    Having the narrator recalling a memory while images flash and superimpose each other feels like a transmission of memory. There were moments I wondered if the visual memory would come before the oral or vice versa.

  4. A-H-H-H's rating of the film Snow

    Excellent little film. In the spirit of Bergman and Sokurov. Storytelling satisfied.

  5. muse_x's rating of the film Snow

    Loved the camera work & editing, story-wise has an element of psychosis.

  6. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Snow

    Great rhythm. Mysterious and slippery but always dancing, floating right there in front of you, but in shifting forms. A multisensory story, and conceptual but wearing that aspect lightly.

  7. Lost in Disconnection's rating of the film Snow

    Snow surprised me. Totally. I love this kind of first person narrative, intimate, unclear but full of details, with a wise usage of images and sounds that follows the same gloomy path. You know when your mind wanders through your past memories in a reflective way? Here it is, portrayed. Oh, and it's snowing.

  8. ShawnD's rating of the film Snow

    I love snow and all the imagery that goes with it, so I'm predisposed to liking a movie like this, even if it's only 10 minutes long.

  9. David R Williams's rating of the film Snow

    I want to watch this without sound or subtitle - it is that beautiful.

  10. msmichel's rating of the film Snow

    Even if the visual motif is underwhelming the narration is first rate. The narrator remembers a car trip with his mother after his father's death and a wrong turn made. There is some unspoken trauma underlying that remembering may uncover or the tale is just a way of masking the truth. Well done.

  11. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Snow

    10 minutes monologue-confession & clever suspense for a family drama on a snowflakes background. Images, editing, music and voice-off remarkable ! === Monologue-confession & suspense habile de 10 min dans une tempête de neige, sur fond de flocons et d'un mystère familial. Images, montage, musique & lecture remarquables !

  12. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film Snow

    Short, beautiful and bitter, this is worth a watch purely because of what it is: film as poetry, a little glimpse into a life.

  13. Hans Rudolf's rating of the film Snow

    Eine in wunderschönen, poetischen Bildern erzählte Trauma-Reconstructing-Geschichte ! Hat mich sehr berührt !

  14. Robert Peters-Gehrke's rating of the film Snow

    A crackling voice, obscure images, a labyrinthine journey, kafkaesque innuendos - something to ponder on.

  15. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Snow

    Snow finds a way to create a fresh sensation to its narration style. Feeling more like a guided meditation than a recounted tale. The film is clever and the imagery is lovely. The story does not have any tremendous breakthroughs, though the fact that it is understated was what is so appealing to the film. A deft touch left me savoring the film. It knew exactly how long it needed to say what it had to say.

  16. paulo.albu's rating of the film Snow

  17. Abhi's rating of the film Snow

    Great meditative short weaved into a loose narrative and beautiful imagery.

  18. Naciye Şeyma Kaya's rating of the film Snow

  19. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Snow

    Images - narrative - memory... A short meditation of sorts. Nice.

  20. Nadin's rating of the film Snow

    The kind of film that will stay with me for a while. The haunting, sad male voice and the blurred images gives you a real feeling of how memory works. Great film!

  21. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Snow

    So is the white snow a metaphor for the cinematic screen onto which we project our thoughts? Because beyond some nice images it literally didn't show us that much.

  22. themroc's rating of the film Snow

    Confused and self indulgent.

  23. Brendan Whelton's rating of the film Snow

    Really cleverly done. And gorgeous. Really dug it.

  24. Thom Slattery's rating of the film Snow

    Surprisingly captivating for such a short work with rather limited visuals. But the drifting snow punctuates the dreamy storytelling.

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