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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Snow Angels

    I like the mood showing us the world of this town and the acting was very nuanced but the melodramatic characters didn't behave very believably at all as it went on.

  2. saitosouta's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Madness distorted by faith or faith distorted by madness. His transfomation in snowy daylife which uncharismatic & middleage-next-door Sam Rockwell embodies has so realistic & spooky texture. And his ordinary madness adhering to Christainity collides silently against Michael Angarano's tender smile, this creating abysmal despair & heartbreaking hapiness. One of best David Gordon Green's work but his next move is...

  3. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Dedicated to a 'dramatic ending' undermining all previous truths of camera & life.

  4. Barboza's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Surprisingly funny for the first half and there were even odd character details peppered in during the more serious part of the film, which felt strange. Rockwell praying to god, pictures of his dead son all over the place, wearing a one piece pajama suit. Don't know how I feel about this.

  5. criminalmovies's rating of the film Snow Angels

    this film feels like a real glimpse into the lives of its small town characters. It doesn't go the convoluted connection route showing how these people affect each other. It's a small town and they all know each other. While Rockwell and Beckinsdale have a tragic arc, it's balanced by the very real sweetness of Angarano and Thirlby making a first real connection. good things/terrible things happen, but life goes on.

  6. Zach Laney's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Sam Rockwell tears the screen apart as the unstable ex husband.

  7. Zissou's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Many conventional things but also many good things. An honest and effective character drama.

  8. StellaWasaDiver's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Michael Angarano (Arthur) was the highlight of the film, a likeable fellow. The soundtrack was pretty good, as well. And I liked the saying that Nate tells Annie: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow's a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

  9. Maureen's rating of the film Snow Angels

    One thing I can't get over about this movie is that, when the little girl goes missing, and it's all snowy outside .. no one considers that her footprints would be all over the place!

  10. Irreversible93's rating of the film Snow Angels

    A tragic film that's hard to shake off.

  11. Juurakkotukka's rating of the film Snow Angels

    David Gordon Green; amazing director with nothing to say.

  12. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Loved this sooo much! Phenomenal genuine organic character writing from Green (and acted to perfection by all, especially Rockwell!).

  13. Gary Wood's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Snow angels is a hauntingly beautiful film, that delivers a frightening and potent insight into the anguish of lonely, desolate souls. Read more about David Gordon Green's recent films:

  14. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Snow Angels

    Solid ensemble character drama from writer-director David Gordon Green. Uniformly excellent performances by a top-notch cast, and some very authentic writing, though some of the storylines are underplayed. Ultimately, it ends up being a bit predictable and conventional.