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  1. Photo of Shirô Toyoda

    Shirô Toyoda Director

  2. Photo of Ichirô Sato

    Ichirô Sato Producer

  3. Photo of Yasunari Kawabata

    Yasunari Kawabata Screenplay

  4. Photo of Toshio Yasumi

    Toshio Yasumi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jun Yasumoto

    Jun Yasumoto Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ryô Ikebe

    Ryô Ikebe Cast

  7. Photo of Keiko Kishi

    Keiko Kishi Cast

  8. Photo of Kaoru Yachigusa

    Kaoru Yachigusa Cast

  9. Photo of Daisuke Katô

    Daisuke Katô Cast

  10. Photo of Akira Kubo

    Akira Kubo Cast

  11. Photo of Hisaya Morishige

    Hisaya Morishige Cast

  12. Photo of Chieko Naniwa

    Chieko Naniwa Cast

  13. Photo of Maruo Tanaka

    Maruo Tanaka Cast

  14. Photo of Koichi Iwashita

    Koichi Iwashita Editing

  15. Photo of Kisaku Ito

    Kisaku Ito Production Design

  16. Photo of Makoto Sono

    Makoto Sono Production Design

  17. Photo of Ikuma Dan

    Ikuma Dan Music