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  1. Photo of Siegfried Hartmann

    Siegfried Hartmann Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacob Grimm

    Jacob Grimm Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wilhelm Grimm

    Wilhelm Grimm Screenplay

  4. Photo of Margot Beichler

    Margot Beichler Screenplay

  5. Photo of Julie Jurištová

    Julie Jurištová Cast

  6. Photo of Katrin Martin

    Katrin Martin Cast

  7. Photo of Pavel Trávníček

    Pavel Trávníček Cast

  8. Photo of Bodo Wolf

    Bodo Wolf Cast

  9. Photo of Hans-Peter Minetti

    Hans-Peter Minetti Cast

  10. Photo of Johannes Wieke

    Johannes Wieke Cast

  11. Photo of Annemone Haase

    Annemone Haase Cast

  12. Photo of Hajo Mende

    Hajo Mende Cast

  13. Photo of Pedro Hebenstreit

    Pedro Hebenstreit Cast

  14. Photo of Helmut Schreiber

    Helmut Schreiber Cast

  15. Photo of Erich Löwel

    Erich Löwel Cast

  16. Photo of Erik S. Klein

    Erik S. Klein Cast

  17. Photo of Siegfried Mogel

    Siegfried Mogel Cinematography

  18. Photo of Peter Gotthardt

    Peter Gotthardt Music

  19. Photo of Alfred Thomalla

    Alfred Thomalla Production Design

  20. Photo of Hans-Peter David

    Hans-Peter David Production Design

  21. Photo of Werner Zieschang

    Werner Zieschang Production Design

  22. Photo of Wolfgang Rennebarth

    Wolfgang Rennebarth Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Renate Bade

    Renate Bade Editing

  24. Photo of Peter Foerster

    Peter Foerster Sound

  25. Photo of Helga Kadenbach

    Helga Kadenbach Sound

  26. Photo of Dorit Gründel

    Dorit Gründel Costume Design