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  1. Photo of Xawery Żuławski

    Xawery Żuławski Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dorota Masłowska

    Dorota Masłowska Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Borys Szyc

    Borys Szyc Cast

  4. Photo of Roma Gąsiorowska

    Roma Gąsiorowska Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Strzelecka

    Maria Strzelecka Cast

  6. Photo of Sonia Bohosiewicz

    Sonia Bohosiewicz Cast

  7. Photo of Magdalena Czerwińska

    Magdalena Czerwińska Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Prus

    Anna Prus Cast

  9. Photo of Michal Czernecki

    Michal Czernecki Cast

  10. Photo of Bartlomiej Firlet

    Bartlomiej Firlet Cast

  11. Photo of Ewa Kasprzyk

    Ewa Kasprzyk Cast

  12. Photo of Piotr Wieclawski

    Piotr Wieclawski Cast

  13. Photo of Ireneusz Koziol

    Ireneusz Koziol Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Sikorski

    Robert Sikorski Cast

  15. Photo of Andrzej Czulowski

    Andrzej Czulowski Cast

  16. Photo of Jacek Samojlowicz

    Jacek Samojlowicz Cast and Producer

  17. Photo of Marian Prokop

    Marian Prokop Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jaroslaw Karczmarczyk

    Jaroslaw Karczmarczyk Music

  19. Photo of Jan Komar

    Jan Komar Music

  20. Photo of Filip Kuncewicz

    Filip Kuncewicz Music

  21. Photo of Joanna Kaczynska

    Joanna Kaczynska Production Design

  22. Photo of Bozena Krakówka

    Bozena Krakówka Producer

  23. Photo of Andrzej Szajna

    Andrzej Szajna Producer

  24. Photo of Krzysztof Raczynski

    Krzysztof Raczynski Editing

  25. Photo of Jaroslaw Bajdowski

    Jaroslaw Bajdowski Sound

  26. Photo of Anna Englert

    Anna Englert Costume Design