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  1. Photo of Robert A. Stemmle

    Robert A. Stemmle Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Heinrich Spoerl

    Heinrich Spoerl Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Reimann

    Hans Reimann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Felix Pfitzner

    Felix Pfitzner Producer

  5. Photo of Harald Böhmelt

    Harald Böhmelt Music

  6. Photo of Carl Drews

    Carl Drews Cinematography

  7. Photo of Rudolf Schaad

    Rudolf Schaad Editing

  8. Photo of Karl Böhm

    Karl Böhm Production Design

  9. Photo of Erich Czerwonski

    Erich Czerwonski Production Design

  10. Photo of Hans Grimm

    Hans Grimm Sound

  11. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  12. Photo of Ellen Frank

    Ellen Frank Cast

  13. Photo of Inge Conradi

    Inge Conradi Cast

  14. Photo of Annemarie Sörensen

    Annemarie Sörensen Cast

  15. Photo of Jakob Tiedtke

    Jakob Tiedtke Cast

  16. Photo of Else Bötticher

    Else Bötticher Cast

  17. Photo of Oskar Sima

    Oskar Sima Cast

  18. Photo of Franz Weber

    Franz Weber Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Platen

    Karl Platen Cast

  20. Photo of Rudolf Platte

    Rudolf Platte Cast

  21. Photo of Henriette Steinmann

    Henriette Steinmann Cast

  22. Photo of Maria Seidler

    Maria Seidler Cast

  23. Photo of Erwin van Roy

    Erwin van Roy Cast

  24. Photo of Walter Steinweg

    Walter Steinweg Cast

  25. Photo of Anita Mey

    Anita Mey Cast

  26. Photo of Evelyn Roberti

    Evelyn Roberti Cast