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  1. Photo of József Berger

    József Berger Producer

  2. Photo of Endre Flórián

    Endre Flórián Producer

  3. Photo of Dieter Pochlatko

    Dieter Pochlatko Producer

  4. Photo of Marianna Rowinska

    Marianna Rowinska Producer

  5. Photo of Judit Schmidt

    Judit Schmidt Producer

  6. Photo of Miklós Jancsó

    Miklós Jancsó Screenplay, Director

  7. Photo of Nyika Jancsó

    Nyika Jancsó Cinematography

  8. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  9. Photo of Zoltán Mucsi

    Zoltán Mucsi Cast

  10. Photo of Kornél Mundruczó

    Kornél Mundruczó Cast

  11. Photo of György Cserhalmi

    György Cserhalmi Cast

  12. Photo of Gábor Nagypál

    Gábor Nagypál Cast

  13. Photo of Csaba Pindroch

    Csaba Pindroch Cast

  14. Photo of Zoltan Seress

    Zoltan Seress Cast

  15. Photo of Miklós Székely B.

    Miklós Székely B. Cast

  16. Photo of Kata Bartsch

    Kata Bartsch Cast

  17. Photo of Simon Szabó

    Simon Szabó Cast

  18. Photo of Péter Scherer

    Péter Scherer Cast

  19. Photo of László Gálffi

    László Gálffi Cast

  20. Photo of Lajos Balázsovits

    Lajos Balázsovits Cast

  21. Photo of Florian Teichtmeister

    Florian Teichtmeister Cast

  22. Photo of Béla Bagota

    Béla Bagota Cast

  23. Photo of Balazs Galko

    Balazs Galko Cast

  24. Photo of Mirko Roggenbock

    Mirko Roggenbock Cast

  25. Photo of Miklós Béres

    Miklós Béres Cast

  26. Photo of Jákob Ladányi

    Jákob Ladányi Cast

  27. Photo of Andrzej Nejman

    Andrzej Nejman Cast

  28. Photo of Gergely Bánki

    Gergely Bánki Cast

  29. Photo of Sára Levendel

    Sára Levendel Cast

  30. Photo of Roland Sárkány

    Roland Sárkány Cast

  31. Photo of Borbála Ruff

    Borbála Ruff Cast

  32. Photo of Sára Berger

    Sára Berger Cast

  33. Photo of Tibor Vécs

    Tibor Vécs Cast

  34. Photo of Bence Benedikti

    Bence Benedikti Cast

  35. Photo of György Rózsa

    György Rózsa Cast

  36. Photo of Gergely Takács

    Gergely Takács Cast

  37. Photo of Balázs Juhász

    Balázs Juhász Cast

  38. Photo of Csaba Formanek

    Csaba Formanek Cast

  39. Photo of Anna Grunwalsky

    Anna Grunwalsky Cast

  40. Photo of Zsuzsa Csákány

    Zsuzsa Csákány Editing

  41. Photo of Dávid Jancsó

    Dávid Jancsó Editing

  42. Photo of Tamás Banovich

    Tamás Banovich Production Design

  43. Photo of Christian Bischoff

    Christian Bischoff Sound

  44. Photo of Christof Ebhardt

    Christof Ebhardt Sound

  45. Photo of Csongor Fazekas

    Csongor Fazekas Sound

  46. Photo of Ferenc Lukacs

    Ferenc Lukacs Sound

  47. Photo of Otto Olah

    Otto Olah Sound

  48. Photo of József Sallai

    József Sallai Sound