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  1. Photo of Farley Granger

    Farley Granger Cast

  2. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  3. Photo of Silvano Tranquilli

    Silvano Tranquilli Cast

  4. Photo of Annabella Incontrera

    Annabella Incontrera Cast

  5. Photo of Chris Avram

    Chris Avram Cast

  6. Photo of Femi Benussi

    Femi Benussi Cast

  7. Photo of Nieves Navarro

    Nieves Navarro Cast

  8. Photo of Jessica Dublin

    Jessica Dublin Cast

  9. Photo of Luciano Rossi

    Luciano Rossi Cast

  10. Photo of Giorgio Gaslini

    Giorgio Gaslini Music

  11. Photo of Krista Nell

    Krista Nell Cast

  12. Photo of Angela Covello

    Angela Covello Cast

  13. Photo of Fabrizio Moresco

    Fabrizio Moresco Cast

  14. Photo of Andrea Scotti

    Andrea Scotti Cast

  15. Photo of Irene Pollmer

    Irene Pollmer Cast

  16. Photo of Ivano Staccioli

    Ivano Staccioli Cast

  17. Photo of Nino Foti

    Nino Foti Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Oxon

    Paul Oxon Cast

  19. Photo of Philippe Hersent

    Philippe Hersent Cast

  20. Photo of Sandro Pizzorro

    Sandro Pizzorro Cast

  21. Photo of Bruno Boschetti

    Bruno Boschetti Cast

  22. Photo of Benito Stefanelli

    Benito Stefanelli Cast

  23. Photo of Luigi Ciavarro

    Luigi Ciavarro Cast

  24. Photo of Eugenio Florimonte

    Eugenio Florimonte Producer

  25. Photo of Angelo Faccenna

    Angelo Faccenna Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Mario Pellegrino

    Mario Pellegrino Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Fausto Rossi

    Fausto Rossi Cinematography

  28. Photo of Rolando Salvatori

    Rolando Salvatori Editing

  29. Photo of Roberto Alberghini

    Roberto Alberghini Sound

  30. Photo of Massimo Bolongaro

    Massimo Bolongaro Production Design

  31. Photo of Luigi Angelo

    Luigi Angelo Screenplay

  32. Photo of Roberto Bianchi Montero

    Roberto Bianchi Montero Screenplay and Director

  33. Photo of Italo Fasan

    Italo Fasan Screenplay