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  1. Photo of Fritz Holl

    Fritz Holl Director

  2. Photo of G.A. von Thering

    G.A. von Thering Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacob Geis

    Jacob Geis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Francke

    Peter Francke Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michael Jary

    Michael Jary Music

  6. Photo of Georg Bruckbauer

    Georg Bruckbauer Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gottlieb Madl

    Gottlieb Madl Editing

  8. Photo of Alfred Bütow

    Alfred Bütow Production Design

  9. Photo of Willi Herrmann

    Willi Herrmann Production Design

  10. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Janson

    Victor Janson Cast

  12. Photo of Franz Schafheitlin

    Franz Schafheitlin Cast

  13. Photo of Fritz Rasp

    Fritz Rasp Cast

  14. Photo of Jakob Tiedtke

    Jakob Tiedtke Cast

  15. Photo of Senta Foltin

    Senta Foltin Cast

  16. Photo of Agnes Straub

    Agnes Straub Cast

  17. Photo of Will Dohm

    Will Dohm Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Meixner

    Karl Meixner Cast

  19. Photo of Viktor Bell

    Viktor Bell Cast

  20. Photo of Josefine Dora

    Josefine Dora Cast

  21. Photo of Oskar Höcker

    Oskar Höcker Cast

  22. Photo of Günther Lüders

    Günther Lüders Cast

  23. Photo of Hermann Pfeiffer

    Hermann Pfeiffer Cast

  24. Photo of Rudolf Platte

    Rudolf Platte Cast

  25. Photo of Hubert von Meyerinck

    Hubert von Meyerinck Cast