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  1. Photo of Jay Sandrich

    Jay Sandrich Director

  2. Photo of J.D. Lobue

    J.D. Lobue Director

  3. Photo of John Bowab

    John Bowab Director

  4. Photo of Susan Harris

    Susan Harris Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Katherine Helmond

    Katherine Helmond Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Mulligan

    Richard Mulligan Cast

  7. Photo of Cathryn Damon

    Cathryn Damon Cast

  8. Photo of Rod Roddy

    Rod Roddy Cast

  9. Photo of Billy Crystal

    Billy Crystal Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Guillaume

    Robert Guillaume Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Urich

    Robert Urich Cast

  12. Photo of Gregory Sierra

    Gregory Sierra Cast

  13. Photo of Jennifer Salt

    Jennifer Salt Cast

  14. Photo of Diana Canova

    Diana Canova Cast

  15. Photo of Sal Viscuso

    Sal Viscuso Cast

  16. Photo of Caroline McWilliams

    Caroline McWilliams Cast

  17. Photo of Lynne Moody

    Lynne Moody Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Mandan

    Robert Mandan Cast

  19. Photo of Jimmy Baio

    Jimmy Baio Cast

  20. Photo of Arthur Peterson

    Arthur Peterson Cast

  21. Photo of Ted Wass

    Ted Wass Cast

  22. Photo of Jay Johnson

    Jay Johnson Cast

  23. Photo of Dinah Manoff

    Dinah Manoff Cast

  24. Photo of George Aliceson Tipton

    George Aliceson Tipton Music

  25. Photo of Edward Stephenson

    Edward Stephenson Production Design

  26. Photo of Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson Editing

  27. Photo of Barry Cohen

    Barry Cohen Editing

  28. Photo of Robert Fisher Jr.

    Robert Fisher Jr. Editing

  29. Photo of Jerry Greene

    Jerry Greene Editing

  30. Photo of Harold McKenzie

    Harold McKenzie Editing