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  1. Photo of Michael Hoffman

    Michael Hoffman Director

  2. Photo of Robert Harling

    Robert Harling Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrew Bergman

    Andrew Bergman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sally Field

    Sally Field Cast

  5. Photo of Kevin Kline

    Kevin Kline Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Downey Jr.

    Robert Downey Jr. Cast

  7. Photo of Whoopi Goldberg

    Whoopi Goldberg Cast

  8. Photo of Elisabeth Shue

    Elisabeth Shue Cast

  9. Photo of Cathy Moriarty

    Cathy Moriarty Cast

  10. Photo of Teri Hatcher

    Teri Hatcher Cast

  11. Photo of Garry Marshall

    Garry Marshall Cast

  12. Photo of Kathy Najimy

    Kathy Najimy Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Johansson

    Paul Johansson Cast

  14. Photo of Sheila Kelley

    Sheila Kelley Cast

  15. Photo of Leeza Gibbons

    Leeza Gibbons Cast

  16. Photo of John Tesh

    John Tesh Cast

  17. Photo of Stephen Nichols

    Stephen Nichols Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Stein

    Ben Stein Cast

  19. Photo of Finola Hughes

    Finola Hughes Cast

  20. Photo of Ueli Steiger

    Ueli Steiger Cinematography

  21. Photo of Alan Silvestri

    Alan Silvestri Music

  22. Photo of Alan Greisman

    Alan Greisman Producer

  23. Photo of Aaron Spelling

    Aaron Spelling Producer

  24. Photo of Herbert Ross

    Herbert Ross Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Garth Craven

    Garth Craven Editing