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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Des Horne's rating of the film Socrates

    As in Blaise Pascal, the music is terrifying. History is despair. So many cowards on here not giving this a 5!

  2. ehk2's rating of the film Socrates

    Salud to the world's first and greatest badass

  3. bartkl's rating of the film Socrates

    An entertaining and leisurely educational film about our favorite ancient Athenian philosopher Socrates, which features some well-known epigrams, but sadly doesn't show Socrates' comical side at all, which in my opinion is quite a missed opportunity and flaw. Furthermore, it's pretty dry and long-winded, although the trial scene is good. Not a perfect biography maybe, but an interesting historical film nonetheless.

  4. - -'s rating of the film Socrates

    I liked the trial section to the ending, but the endless scenes of talking before hand drew me down a bit. I did notice the effect of cutting between random people blathering on and Socrates made me focus on Socrates more, but I feel like a shorter, more succinct approach would have worked better. What Rossellini examines here is important, it just felt dull in its presentation.

  5. Guy Sands's rating of the film Socrates

    Socrates without irony? Get real.