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  1. Photo of Gilchrist Calder

    Gilchrist Calder Director

  2. Photo of Frank Cox

    Frank Cox Director

  3. Photo of Philip Dudley

    Philip Dudley Director

  4. Photo of David Sullivan Proudfoot

    David Sullivan Proudfoot Director

  5. Photo of Roger Jenkins

    Roger Jenkins Director

  6. Photo of Peter Cregeen

    Peter Cregeen Director

  7. Photo of Pennant Roberts

    Pennant Roberts Director

  8. Photo of Vere Lorrimer

    Vere Lorrimer Director

  9. Photo of Kenneth Ives

    Kenneth Ives Director

  10. Photo of Lennie Mayne

    Lennie Mayne Director

  11. Photo of David Wickes

    David Wickes Director

  12. Photo of Paddy Russell

    Paddy Russell Director

  13. Photo of Elwyn Jones

    Elwyn Jones Screenplay

  14. Photo of Robert Barr

    Robert Barr Screenplay

  15. Photo of Alan Plater

    Alan Plater Screenplay

  16. Photo of Allan Prior

    Allan Prior Screenplay

  17. Photo of James Doran

    James Doran Screenplay

  18. Photo of Frank Windsor

    Frank Windsor Cast

  19. Photo of Stratford Johns

    Stratford Johns Cast

  20. Photo of Norman Bowler

    Norman Bowler Cast

  21. Photo of Walter Gotell

    Walter Gotell Cast

  22. Photo of David Lloyd Meredith

    David Lloyd Meredith Cast

  23. Photo of Terence Rigby

    Terence Rigby Cast

  24. Photo of Leonard Lewis

    Leonard Lewis Producer and Director

  25. Photo of Geraint Morris

    Geraint Morris Producer