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  1. Photo of Mona Eldaief

    Mona Eldaief Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Jehane Noujaim

    Jehane Noujaim Director and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Abu Badr

    Abu Badr Self

  4. Photo of Umm Badr

    Umm Badr Self

  5. Photo of Raouf Dabbas

    Raouf Dabbas Self

  6. Photo of Rafea

    Rafea Self

  7. Photo of Jonas Colstrup

    Jonas Colstrup Music

  8. Photo of Karim Amer

    Karim Amer Producer

  9. Photo of Mette Heide

    Mette Heide Producer

  10. Photo of Sabin-Elease Utley

    Sabin-Elease Utley Producer

  11. Photo of Don Edkins

    Don Edkins Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Nick Fraser

    Nick Fraser Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Mette Hoffman Meyer

    Mette Hoffman Meyer Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Mike Lerner

    Mike Lerner Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Regina K. Scully

    Regina K. Scully Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Lekha Singh

    Lekha Singh Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Jenny Golden

    Jenny Golden Editing

  18. Photo of Jean Tsien

    Jean Tsien Editing

  19. Photo of Esteban Uyarra

    Esteban Uyarra Editing

  20. Photo of Peter Albrechtsen

    Peter Albrechtsen Sound

  21. Photo of Bryan Jerden

    Bryan Jerden Sound

  22. Photo of Varun Nair

    Varun Nair Sound

  23. Photo of Rune Palving

    Rune Palving Sound

  24. Photo of Jacques Pedersen

    Jacques Pedersen Sound

  25. Photo of Adrian Rhodes

    Adrian Rhodes Sound